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Top 4 benefits of using Live Chat on your website

By September 29, 2019May 27th, 2024No Comments

Top 4 benefits of using Live Chat on your website

The success of any business depends upon many factors and customer satisfaction is at the top of the list. Business owners invest tons of resources with their valuable time to make their customers happy and earn a reputation in the market. But what else is better than responding faster to a lead or potential customer to leave a better impression. Not only it will make them happy but will also increase it your chances to convert. And, Live Chat is the quickest feature to serve this purpose but earlier it used to be horrible.

Remember the days, when you’d sit waiting around for someone to connect and only get a message that said: “Thanks for connecting with us, please call us at xxx-xxx-xxxx or visit our website.” And then you sit there scratching your head that why on earth the feature of Live chat even existed if it just redirects you to another medium rather than solving your query. Well, that’s not the case anymore. It has been improved since then and today it is almost opposite. Many online companies now adapting Live chat as their first tool to serve their customers needs. The reasons are many and here we are trying to summarize them with the following points. Let’s have a look:

It reduces support expenses:

The traditional phone support is way too expensive in terms of toll charges, overseas charges and person-per-hour costs. Live chat on the other hand, transcends all the language and international boundaries to serve the customers in minimum time. Moreover, it doesn’t cost more than a quality email provider and is much cheaper than phone support. According to a recent study, Live chat is 17% cheaper than a phone call. This might be because with Live chat you are allowed to do multiple tasks and can serve multiple customers at the same time, says the experience of many web design and development companies.

It increases your sales:

A lot of researches have been made to prove that Live chat helps increase the overall sales of a business. One of these studies stats that Live chat increases the conversion by 20% and it also shows that customers who use live chat are three times more likely to make purchases than those who don’t.

The reason behind these big numbers is pretty simple. Live chat provides an instant access to your support team (and vice versa), and your team has many more opportunities to convert them as leads.

Improved customer service and loyalty:

Do you know what makes live chats efficient and convenient?Since availability builds trust, It is their attribute of facilitating visitors to receive an answer within seconds that make them come again and again. The customer service benchmark survey that was held for 2000 consumers found that live chat has the highest customer satisfaction level at 73% outranking the email support with 61% and phone support with 41%. Hence these numbers are ensuring that live chat is a very effective recipe for improving customer service.

It helps businesses to discover “pain points”:

The advancement of technology and digital marketing has given birth to many terms and “customer pain points” is one of them. Pain points means the customers problems that has not been solved. With traditional methods of customer support such as phone calls or emails, it was not easy to identify customer pain points since they are only heard over the phone by a single person. With the live chat feature, even the administrators and supervisor have access to a chat history and can take advantage of them to quickly recognize customers pain points.

Final words:

Live chat is becoming the most popular way that customer is like to communicate when visiting a website. For customers, it is quick, easy and doesn’t require any face or voice time. And for businesses, the above-mentioned points are enough to make it worth implementing.

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