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Mobile Application Development Company

We make apps that amaze, delight and solve.
We’ve worked with the many business and brightest startups over 4 years to bring their amazing ideas to life.

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We leverage our expertise of launching our own highly successful apps.
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  • Android App Development
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Mobile App Development Company

Zuplic is a leading application development company with a passionate and cross-functional team. We never fail to translate the client’s idea into a thought-provoking and well-executed software product.

When creating an app, we majorly focus on user-experience and user-interface. A not-so accomplished user interface, puts a question mark on the usability of the app, as the user won’t be able to understand it. And on the other side, user-experience should also be easy going and smooth enough, so to encourage easy browsing. Failure to any of these parameters will result in loss of customers and will also nudge in for the bad brand image.

Mobile Application Development Process

At this stage, we gather information about your business from you and analyze all the necessary details required for your mobile application’s development.

We prepare the wireframe using the information gathered which will help you get an idea of the key features and their placement on the interface.

Once you approve the wireframe, we proceed with the designing phase of your application and ensure that you only get what captivates your target audience.

Our development team focuses on building a robust mobile application that stands the test of time.

Your app is ready to launch with full quality assurance. Start expanding your business and enjoy success.

We constantly stay in touch with you. You can contact us 24/7 in case of a technical glitch or any problem you face, we are always at your service.

Mobile App Development FAQ’s

Can Zuplic develop an app for an available website?

Yes, Zuplic offers services for developing a mobile app for any website. Our team makes use of cloud databases to synchronize the data across the website and mobile app.

What is the experience of Zuplic in developing e-commerce apps?

Zuplic holds years of experience in developing e-commerce apps with the support of the latest technology like AI and AR.

How can Zuplic support in building an app to enhance the recurring business from the current consumers?

Our team can develop any type of apps based on your specific needs. We ensure that the app is user-friendly and runs seamlessly on almost all mobile devices.

Do the company work on partnership?

No, Zuplic has no partnership working pattern. Our company just charges the one-time cost against the mobile app agency fees.

Is it possible for developing a complicated navigation app?

With years of experience and the back-up of a highly qualified development team, Zuplic is well versed in developing all types of complex navigation apps.

Can Zuplic develop a mobile browser app?

Yes, of course. Our expert team can easily develop power-packed browser app using state-of-art technology like PWA (Progressive Web Apps.)

Is your company well versed with Javascript frameworks for mobile apps?

Our team is highly expert in developing apps with the support of Flutter and React Native.

What is the policy for the data security of mobile apps?

We follow strong protocols and high-end security techniques when it comes to data security while developing the mobile app.

Do the company signs NDA and NC agreements?

Yes, our company believes in working only after signing all the legal documents.

How is my mobile app concept safe with Zuplic?

Zuplic works in a highly professional way. We make a sure signing of a mutual confidentiality agreement before we start working on the project to ensure the client for the safety of their app idea.

What is the strategy for developing a successful app?

We follow the below strategy for making a successful app :

  • First, we analyze the app idea and try to understand the business in detail.
  • Then, we collect specific data of the target audience like their habits and preferences.
  • Then an overview of the market scenario is studied to know the feasibility of the mobile app.
  • Planning of architecture and thereafter designing UI/UX.
  • Lastly app programming and app testing to check for any loopholes to ensure seamless working.

How do you make understand the development of a non-technical person?

Our team of talented project managers makes sure the non-technical clients are made aware of every aspect of the development in detail and a very simple language. Like,

  • Requirements for app development
  • Strategizing and analyzing.
  • Design and development.
  • Approvals
  • Testing

What is the company standard cost in developing a mobile app?

There is no fixed cost for developing a mobile app. It all depends on the requirements, functionality, visuals used, team back-up, development hours, and many more.

How frequently is the progress on the process shared by the client?

Our team keeps in touch with the client during the whole process of development. We follow a strategy of sharing every detail related to the mobile development process so that we can know the area of improvements and preferences. We constantly keep taking the feedbacks from the clients to develop an app that is mutually agreed upon.

What are the software development techniques used by the company?

Mostly, our team works on Agile and Waterfall methodologies. With Agile it is easy to do changes at any stage of development. With the Waterfall method, the whole thing is worked from scratch to develop a well-planned product.

Who is the owner of the source code?

The client is the owner of the source code after the final payment is done.

Who takes care of the API and third-party services charges?

The client is responsible for paying the charges for API and third-party services.

What are the company’s business models for payments?

We follow the following business models for payments.

Hybrid fixed payment model – In this model the time and payment of the product are fixed from start. The project is divided into various stages and then the payment is done according to the percentage of work completed in each phase.

Time and Material Basis – In this our development team is a part of the client’s in-house team. This model is mostly accepted by enterprises as it offers them the flexibility to have the team according to their requirements.

How is the payment accepted?

Payment is accepted via Cheque, Paypal, and wire transfer.

Do your company hold experience in building fitness app or food ordering app?

Yes, we do have experience in developing fitness app or food delivery apps for business.

What types of social media apps have Zuplic developed?

Zuplic has developed several social media apps backed with features like engaging with content, content sharing, follow/unfollow, messaging, live streaming, add as friend/connection, and many more.

Can Zuplic develop a website and mobile app?

With the years of experience and market trust earned by our team, we can surely develop a result-oriented website and mobile app.






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