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Public Relations & Expertise

Public Relations has benefits throughout each and every industry. Established firms to startups and even service providers consider conscious efforts to position their public image through well-thought dialogues. Public relations can be spoken of as an intricate exchange of planned and well-thought impressions in order to elevate acclaim and estimation. It requires sharp skills and first-hand experience to identify the correct information to amplify among a company’s user domain.

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Zuplic for PR for Industries

Zuplic serves customers from various realms of industries. Few of our notable and reputed clientele resonate with Automobile, Lifestyle, Tourism, Aviation, Sports, Consultancy, Jewelry, Fashion, Electronics, Hospitality and Healthcare. We have worked alongside startups to help them secure their first investment of high magnitude and have continued to refine their brand personalities that keep swaying their contenders and potential customers. We acquaintance more than 300 global companies with our services on a daily basis which gives us a stronghold in understanding the diversity of the global market while also pinpointing the exclusivities and praising abilities of each market. So if you are planning to extend your brand image within any demographic in your country or planning to tap the huge global market and cruise in the open seas, Zuplic is an easy one-stop access.

Influencer Marketing

We have helped several companies to be a common name in their niches. All these companies have one or multiple influencers that are a synonym to their brand name. We offer to organize world-wide social influencer campaigns to help your brand maximize its visibility in a faster time. Influencer marketing is a good way to tap an already faithful audience. We hold credible experience with the practice and know the general spots to efficiently undertake the tedious practice for your company.

Networking and Pitching

Through our vast area of assignments, we have found the few elements that discipline any Networking & Pitching related alliance to maximize success.

  • Building an organized online business image to radiate stability and credence. This will not only help your company with more acceptance and reliability by users but will also funnel you to clients and projects that would not be possible otherwise. It will help you to outstretch your services to thousands of relevant contacts within your industry. Your business will be easily displayed to media ventures around you, it will serve as free marketing and authentic publicity for your brand.
  • Creating an offline web of reputable connections to influence your business and services through renowned names. Hiring or connecting big names among the public with your brand will give your company a much-needed user reliance and will spread a good word among potential clientele.
  • Marketing your businesses’ genuine content to its end-capacity. Content that drives users towards your company and keeps them interested on a daily basis is only the content that is user-driven. Seeding notions and real topics among the public via social media, forums, blogs, threads, etc. is a prominent way to network through the complex personalities and idiosyncrasies of new users.
  • Organizing and comprehending prudent events and functions. Initiating events alongside big names of the industry and neighbouring industries will add to your brand presence and legitimacy. It will drive rapid waves of customers from you and several other markets.

We have surged market importance of multiple global brands by applying these basic principles. Alongside being a huge success for all our ventures these tactics have led us in kinship with tens of influencers and public figures of several particular industries.


We house experienced and well-versed writers to produce and design content for multiple platforms for either online or offline trades. A brand is at full potential in regard to the market and times when it is efficiently communicating with its audience by spreading its message loud and clear. Our writers hold raw experience of the industry which makes them a perfect match for your in-depth articles, opinion pieces, web copy, sales, pitches, white papers, press releases.

Digital PR Services, Marketing and Communication

We have to be always on the edge of whatever’s new and hot since our global clientele demands that from us constantly. While being in sync with all the up and coming practices within the rapidly evolving digital world, we lure the perfect provokes for your users to keep then interested and unhinged. From figuring out the perfect SEO keywords for your business based on your on-site and off-site analysis to fully optimize your social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook alongside blogs, public forums and open threads for maximum utilization, we organize effective marketing strategies that help your digital identity to promote your agenda to users.

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