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Things to consider when picking up a CMS for business

By October 28, 2017September 3rd, 2019No Comments

Things to consider when picking up a CMS for business

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CMS world is getting crowded day by day. Choosing a single CMS that perfectly matches your business needs is a tough row to hoe. The selection criteria entirely depend upon what you expect that system to do and what is your future anticipation from the system. It is much like anything you shop around for anything. You definitely don’t add items that you don’t require though there are lots of eye candies out there. On the contrary, you can’t neglect some necessary things to complete your desired wishlist.

Establishing an online business involves much key consideration, and CMS selection is one of the crucial decisions that business owners need to make. Choice of an inappropriate CMS can cause recurrence of some issues again and again. This might happen either because of the lack of business requirement understanding or sometimes no proper knowledge of CMS issues.

Here we will look into a few critical considerations of choosing the right CMS for your business project. Let’s get started:

Understand the problems your business is serving for

Before you even begin shortlisting some CMS, you need to identify what solutions your business needs to provide to address some specific problems. Many companies fail at the first instance since they make a mistake of choosing a CMS that sounds fancy. Hence businesses should first analyse the business needs and problems it is going to cater before assessing the CMS requirements.

This also involves the consideration of your site architecture. If you are planning for the long term, then your chosen CMS should be flexible enough to embrace any future endeavours. This might save you from any future unforeseen costs brought to you because of some facts not considered before.

Consider overall UX

Delivering an exceptional user experience is probably an essential criterion for any startup choosing a CMS system. Right CMS selection has an imperative role to play in startup marketing. That’s why tech savvy’s and internal users of CMS are concerned for the attributes that the CMS is providing, but the visible features must include “‘what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG)” feature and a straightforward image editing and uploading functionality.

Keep personalisation in mind

Consumers of the modern digital world are less tolerant of a blanket approach where their specific needs and interests are not taking into account. That’s the reason the need for serving personalised and relevant content is becoming increasingly important to companies. Your chosen CMS too must be able to facilitate this personalisation by creating user personas and segmenting users based on the data gathered from a plethora of data sources varying from customer purchase history to CRM data from SEO results.

Should deliver Mobile-friendliness

When the entire globe has transferred on the mobile devices, don’t go for a CMS system that does not offer mobile friendliness. Mobile device compatibility has become a hygiene factor now that provides the ability to preview content across multiple devices and now it is playing an important role in choosing the right CMS for business.

We hope this list gives you good start points to look for in a CMS system. However, WordPress with its big library of plugins serve many purposes of small businesses but if you want to go for an enterprise level CMS then also there is a significant array of options for you to choose.

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