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Startup Marketing

Loyalty is not bought but earned and we try to make you worthy of it. Start-ups are most hungry to market their service and products, trying to make their existence noticed and catch the eye of every potential customer. But the irony is they are always short of budget, trying to market in a conventional way, trying to buy paid news. That’s where we come in.

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startup marketing

Loyalty is not bought but earned and we try to make you worthy of it.

The Start-up business is taking a boom in the market. This competitive market is like a huge pond with the number of fishes getting introduced in every short while. Hence, to survive in this neck to neck business competition is a very tough job. The only way to stand apart and make a mark is to adopt the best and accurate marketing strategies that would flaunt the USP of the company and enhance brand visibility just making it easy to penetration in the market. Just having a unique product or idea is not enough to rule the market. A back-up of a strong marketing plan or shaking hand with a good marketing agency would be a smart choice to get your company best introduced and presented.

startup marketing

Pros of good startup marketing

Early Bird – Good marketing of your startup marketing company can help you gain the benefit of early exposure to the market. You can reach the target audience at the right time and draw their attention first to get the maximum mileage.

Catching the eye of budding investors – If you are into a start-up business needing extra funding or investment than the best way to showcase your start-up company to convince or pull potential investors in the market a solid marketing plan or hiring a marketing company would do wonders.

Bang with hype & buzz – Anything that makes sound is always noticed. The same goes for a start-up business. The more buzz the more your brand gets talked about.

Ways of startup marketing

Gone are the traditional ways of marketing. Today with growing technology and the online trend there are smart ways of marketing.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

One of the most effective, fast and easy ways to market is opting for social media as most of the crowd today holds an online presence on various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Brand awareness and the popping of new customers is fast through this channel.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Website Search Engine Optimization is accessed frequently by people. So, using perfect keywords in the content and accurate heading and subheadings on the website can help generate more traffic and revenue. But do make sure the keyword density optimization is well-taken care off to avoid your content to look like spam.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

This is something that takes fewer efforts and time. It is also very simple just get the content and share it with your emailing list to reach the targeted audience just in a click. It comes with an automated and scheduled option which is an advantage.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

This is the recent trend in Start-up Marketing especially when your target audience is the younger generation. In this you get associated with Influencers also called mini-celebrities who have a great following. These influencers get you connected with their followers and thereby help you promote your business. A perfect example of Outsource and In house Marketing.

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Right Hiring

Benefits of Start-up marketing are plethora but the games lie how we do this smart marketing. Today there are both options either one can hire a good marketing agency or also opt for In-house marketing if backed with a brilliant and creative team.

In-house Marketing – In this all the planning, execution and creation is done by us. Though it proves economic but not possible to beat the expertise of a professional team who knows the market trends, a taste of the customers and the best way to market them for any product or service.

Outsourced Marketing – Zuplic would help you get introduced in the market at its best and would offer the best returns on your investment by enhancing brand value and revenue. With multiple options, one needs to do good research or surfing before selecting the right marketing company that would help you gain the trust of the customers and penetrate the market as early as possible. Investing in a good marketing company pays off better in the long run.

Few mistakes should be taken care of to avoid negative marketing or loss in revenue. Such as being cheap while investing in areas such as web design, UX writing or SEO content. Copying content and strategies of competitors. Promoting to the wrong audience and poor content are very common mistakes. A perfect marketing solution for your start-up would help you win the competition and take our business to great heights.

Startup Marketing FAQ’s

What is the right time to do marketing for the start-up?

For any business, before setting a target or preparing a marketing plan it should have a full-proof business plan in hand. Marketing plans and business plans are highly linked with each other. It gives a perfect picture of what needs to be done and when to start the marketing for the same to get the set target and returns.

What are the marketing packages offered by Zuplic?

Our company holds no predefined marketing packages. Our packages depend on the level of marketing needed for the start-up. Our team first prepares a marketing plan as per the business needs and thereafter a detailed strategy for the same is developed. Once, the whole marketing plan is set we hold a discussion with the client, and thereafter we offer our customized marketing package.

From where the start-up marketing should be started?

Today in the digital world every startup should have a good online presence to reach their target audience and earn good traffic for the business. The first and foremost job for online presence is to own a highly responsive and good website. To start with there can be only one page and as it starts gaining traffic one can gradually go for more internal pages looking to the response.

What are the various startup marketing services offered by Zuplic?

Zuplic would serve you as a one–touch solution for all your marketing needs and services. We have earned great credits in creating a good brand presence for a number of our clients even globally. Our customize marketing strategies work great for start-ups. A few of our services are as follows:

  • Website Design.
  • Graphic Design.
  • SEO Marketing.
  • Content Marketing.
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Start-up Marketing.





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