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How to start a coupon or daily deal website?

By April 13, 2018September 2nd, 2019No Comments

How to start a coupon or daily deal website?

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Today, there are many websites which are generating good revenue with the concept of daily deals. Andrew Mason (Groupon founder) introduced this deal-of-the-day concept at first in 2008 and after that, it has become a global phenomenon. After a long span of 10 years, it has not lost its sheen and entrepreneurs are still investing in this coupons business. However, coupon sites are not a new term on the internet. The Internet is already littered with these money-saving websites. So being successful in this coupons business is challenging. But if you know your niche and provide great services, you can excel in this.

Coupon websites basically list discount codes for different e-commerce websites. These discount coupon codes are used when someone buys new products or services online. This could be anything ranging from different household items, gadgets, flight tickets to web hosting and beyond. One who has a little knowledge of web designing can easily develop an online coupon website. But, here are some tips that need proper consideration in order to be successful. Here they are:

Stick to a niche:

Becoming a generalist is too difficult in today’s competitive market. Especially in the coupons market, it is hard to manage everything under the same roof. Instead, pick a market you want to cater to and stick to it. For example, you can offer health, fitness and wellness coupons and deals or focus on baby product deals.

Setup your business:

After deciding what niche you are going to serve, determine your business structure, create a business name and get required licence as per your city or county. But before registering your business make sure a website domain under the same name is available to purchase.

Create your website:

The next step includes your web design and development skills. Or you can hire a web design company to create an amazing website for you. Make sure the website you are designing is easy to navigate with a clean layout. If you are a beginner, try WordPress then. There are many daily offers related templates that you can use to build your own site. Keep in mind, that your goal is to create a website that is easy to use and makes money. Hence there is no need of too many bells and whistles that distract visitors and slow down your site speed. Also, add a privacy statement and policies for both customers and businesses. And make a responsive website since more and more people use their phones and tablets to seek details.

Don’t forget to include a sign up:

While you are offering coupons and information for free, there is a part of it that makes the whole program successful. The membership or a targeted list is what makes you money online. The simplest way to have this is an email list. With this, you can email special offers and deals to your list and gain more traffic to your website.


No business is successful without marketing. Just because you offering a benefit to the audience, it doesn’t mean they’ll find you on their own. Especially, when the competition is already fierce. Yes, search engines are great but it doesn’t mean they’ll do the heavy lifting. You have to make an Internet marketing plan to reach out to your target market. Use social media to boost your daily deals and consider all the other SEO marketing strategies as well.

People have a tendency of saving money and Internet is the only way they use to find all the latest offers on everything. So why not be a valuable resource for this market by creating an easy-to-use coupon or deal-of-the-day website.

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