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5 mobile marketing metrics that matters the most

By March 26, 2018September 3rd, 2019No Comments

5 mobile marketing metrics that matters the most

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Data is the lifeblood of any marketing campaign. After all, it’s the way to differentiate between big wins and epic falls. Just like every other startup marketing plan, mobile has its own set of metrics to measure the marketing campaign. Formerly,  the success of any mobile application was largely based upon its ratings and downloads count. These were the only key metrics than but today there are more ways to assess the overall performance of a mobile application.

Here we are outlining 5 of the top mobile metrics to determine how successful your marketing is and if users are finding your app useful and enjoyable. Let’s dive into the details:

Average revenue per user (ARPU):

ARPU is the amount of revenue each active user generates within a given time frame. It is very essential that people are using your application, are committed to it and carry on using it. Knowing ARPU metric is to make all of this profitable. ARPU metric is useful to determine average revenue the app is generating per user.

Use of an application:

Which of your application’s screen is losing most of your customers? Do you know? This must be one of the most favourite questions of developers. Being familiar with the navigation flow of a mobile application is necessary to know which screens made users stay and which forced them to left away. Heatmaps are used to identify all of these. In the case of games, a heat map can tell us a particular level is too difficult for users. And in the case of an app on productivity, it can tell us if there is an error of approach in the way an app is conceived.

Session length:

Session length is the amount of time a user spends on an application. If the users are landing on your app and cross it over then surely they didn’t find what they are looking for in your app. With Session length metric, it can be measured effectively, and one can take necessary steps to resolve it. The average session length of an app like weather forecast app would be 1 to 10 minutes, and for an app on productivity, it may range over 30 minutes.

User Retention:

Do you know 20% of all mobile applications are used only once? And every app developer wants to prevent his app ending up like this. But how can one determine this? User retention is the metric for this. It is the percentage of users who return to an app after their first visit. Along with user retention, it is also important to know how often users are returning to the app. The more committed and loyal your customers are, the better monetisation strategies can be developed.

Customer Acquisition Cost:

It is the amount that cost us to acquire a user within a given period. After knowing this, you’ll be able to estimate how much to spend on advertising. CAC is the sum of all the expenses required to acquire a new customer during a particular time divided by the total number of customers acquired during that time.

In essence, there are plenty of ways to measure the ROI of an Internet marketing plan to skyrocket the growth of your mobile app. There are many formulas to find out user behaviour and actions in your app. Using these formulas one can get the detailed insights about a mobile application to increase the revenue subsequently.

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