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Ruby vs. Python

By July 9, 2017September 3rd, 2019No Comments

Ruby vs. Python

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Ruby and Python both are the widely used programming language by the web developers. These masters prefer these languages with their different flavours so called methods and features.

But, if you don’t know both of them, then which is much more easier to learn or to implement and of course less complex. Let’s help you out.

The Core:

  • Ruby is build on the web framework Ruby on Rails while Python on Django web framework. This is much where most of the difference lies.
  • The web framework of Ruby allows to do little magical tricks in comparison to Python.
  • Ruby’s framework design is infinitely flexible and empowering in comparison to Python one.
  • Python language is easy for the programmers to learn and the developers can easily find the bugs in it unlike Ruby.

Let’s explain by the help of an example: Suppose you want to get the time of next month from this very second. Down there, is a code which wrote in both languages.


require ‘active_support/all.’

new_time = 1.month.from_now


From datetime import datetime

From dateutil.relativedelta import relativedelta

New_time = () + relativedelta (months=1)

By using the Python Language, you can easily tell the functionalities of the datetime and dateutil and also from where you import these methods.

But, Ruby have something magical, you introduce a process and then suddenly an integer comes. All though it’s not clear from where this functionality comes.

Either Python or Ruby, both the languages show different things. Ruby showcase the flexibility of languages, while Python showcases directness and readability.

Web Frameworks:

Both the web frameworks Django and Ruby on Rails have similar performance and are used to build the web applications because both Ruby and Python are the both scripting languages. Each framework explains you the traditional concepts of MVC frameworks like models, views, controllers, and database migrations.

But there is a difference in implementing these features; both programming languages have many libraries that you can use to add features to your web applications. Ruby has a repository called RubyGems and Python repository called Package Index which you can use.


Both Python and Ruby have large communities behind them which give them direction regarding the use of language and software updates.

Python is much more diverse because there are tons of academic use cases in both Math and Science. Python is the widely installed language on the Linux computers make it a perfect language for the use of servers.

Ruby becomes more popular when Rails came out in 2015. As the time passes it’s community became more diverse but it is not that very popular as the Python is.

Who are using them?

There are lots of tech companies who are using these programming languages.

Name of Companies using Python Language: Google, Pinterest, Instagram, National Geographic, Mozilla Firefox, and the Washington Post.

Name of the Companies using Ruby Language: Apple, Twitter, Airbnb, Shopify, Github, and Groupon.


Both the programming languages are having the same feature; it’s all depend on your team that which language they will prefer.

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