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Must-have tactics for rich e-commerce experience

By October 30, 2020September 5th, 2022No Comments

Must-have tactics for rich e-commerce experience

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E-commerce platforms have experienced an exceptional global traffic upturn, surpassing even holiday season traffic peaks. As per researcher’s retail websites have generated almost 22 billion visits in June 2020, up from 16.07 billion global visits in January 2020. This is of course due to the pandemic which has strained millions of people to stay at home in order to stop the spread of the virus. Due to many shelters at home, consumers have turned to the internet to procure ordinary items. Website visit is up by 75% year-over-year and order count is up by 57% for the same time period.

Nowadays, the success of an e-commerce website doesn’t solely depend on product quality; there is a range of other factors at play. The mantra for e-commerce is “what appears fascinating, will be sold out first”.

In this article, we will be exploring some tools and tactics of virtual merchandising which will come out as a powerful marketing tool to make you stand out in a big way.

360 degree-Spin and twirl with zooming capacity of the product

The offline stores always get an edge by providing a physical touch, smell, feel or taste of the product. It becomes very crucial for the e-commerce platforms to highlight product infographics and an in-person sense to the shoppers. For covering the gap, brands come up with a high-quality zooming capacity and micro-videos inclusive of all the primary features of the product.

Spinning product view which allows your eyes to cover every corner of the product. It provides a 360-view of smooth spinning of the product through the use of fingers and mouse. It makes the shoppers more confident of what they’re purchasing and develops a layer of trust with the product. A new way to replicate the brick-and-mortar experience for shoppers the brands provide a detailed zooming facility. It allows users to have a close look on every side of the product. For example, if you want to buy an analogue watch, the spinning tool provides a 360-view of the watch like in-out and top-bottom view. Along with this, it provides a unique and stunning visual content style which allows shoppers to peek inside the watch and see exactly the thing that makes it look cool. What makes a watch look good is the cutaway or the exploded view. It differs from the pieces of the watch and trimmed away to let the customer see the inner view. The detailed zoom tool allows you to travel through all the parts of the watch like the numbers displayed and a quick guide on additional buttons. Plus, it lets you capture exclusive angles and zoom magnifications which is not possible with a simple photograph of the product.

Isn’t it an intriguing way to rotate the watch within and out detailed infographics!

Shoppable and Micro videos of the product

The pillars of visual commerce are enriching customer experience with impressive, inspirational and enticing visual content which prompts customers to prefer online retailers. By providing a glimpse of a product in 2-3 seconds, creates a new experience in the hearts of shoppers. To suppress the shopkeeper thrills a visual content is introduced with multi-angle product videos. It is in the hands of brands to lure shoppers for engaging more with them digitally.

Researchers said that “ shoppers who view videos are 1.8x more likely to purchase than non-viewers and compelling images get 94% more views than basic visuals”

Marking customers on the priority list the e-commerce website brings engaging visual assets to provide a rich experience digitally and charm shoppers to shop more products. Micro videos of the product serve an arsenal of imagination of the product and highlight visual content that gives a powerful, out of the box portrayal of the product. These are being presented like a full captivating story coupled with engaging soundtracks and a message to excite shoppers. Shoppable videos create a bridge to interact with shoppers personally. It underlines the product location, interactively introduces the products and elevates awareness with the product brands. Micro videos are a good way to catch a shopper’s eye on the product. It exhibits a quick way of attracting and swaying shoppers. Brands can convey anything to the buyers just in seconds. For example, if you buy a pair of a shoe the shoppable videos will take you in the world of shoes and creatively tell you the ABC’s of the product. And the micro-video will bring the product to life through interactivity, and elevating brand awareness. Needless to say, the fusion of imagination and explanation makes a more striking presentation than a simple photo of the product by itself. Creatively curating a fox clever approach can quickly and relatively make shoppers excited about the product.

Educating customers is one of the nicest ways to generate faith and loyalty and also to let the customer know why this product stands apart from other competitors. In this era of the 20th century, one thing is immortal that those brands who create a fascinating and exciting e-commerce experience with shoppers have more traffic on their websites.

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