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HTTPS is a Must Have to Thrive Your Online Presence

By November 21, 2020May 27th, 2024No Comments

HTTPS is a Must Have to Thrive Your Online Presence

Since the arrival of world wide web, websites have morphed into digital workspaces and now serve as key factors for business transactions. What looks like a set of web pages, has a diverse team behind it working constantly to flourish the domain. A set of professionals are required to look over the visual details, the functional aspects and to keep the website running and thriving. While there is a lot of lucrative knowledge and skills involved in the whole dynamic, one of the few ways to ensure that the hard learned skills are bearing fruits is a website’s SEO ranking.

The internet in itself is gigantic, there’s no way for anyone to measure its range, it seems limitless. Bits and pieces of anything once put up here floats in this endless vacuum, that is why trust and security are key factors for businesses to bloom in digital spaces. Big organizations depend on branding security to attract customers and google, the big bull, has been addressing this need for protection for quite some time now.

Why should I consciously work on website security?

The internet comes with its boons and curses, it is hard to say what outweighs what because if a website is not protected, it can affect its continuity. Customer security plays a vital role in trust building and success draws a lot of attention along with competitors. It is commonly acclaimed by small website owners that their website won’t be hacked because of their negligible role in overall information accumulation. Researchers claim that around 30,000 websites are hacked on a daily basis and more than 95% of them are small websites. These websites are used to spread viruses as the businesses grow and these numbers are only increasing as years pass by. A loosely knit security plan is easy to target and manipulate, leaving all your hard work, money and time vulnerable. As soon as someone successfully attacks your website, they acquire access to a chunk of your personal as well as client’s data. This sensitive information can be used against you which could demolish your brand, revenue and reputation.

The developing agencies are supposed to work on it. What can I, as an owner, do to enhance security?

Your developing agency or hired developer accounts for almost anything and everything happening on your website. They are happy to attend to these matters. It would be surprising to know that your developer contributes 60-80% to your website security even before you ask them for it. The developer behind our website plays it safe by using up-to-date web softwares, scripts and programmes for building our dream website; and by enforcing strict password policy in early stages. These security measures can be easily overlooked by non professionals. Just like updates on your phones enhance your overall experience and how complex passwords are hard to guess by any individual, updated web development softwares are less prone to threats and strict password policies compliment the cautious tactics. Scripts from out-dated versions and weak password policies are one of the easiest ways to invite hackers to your website. While working on constant updation of elements on your website, it is necessary to get rid of all the unwanted or unused scripts that might be residing on your database. These neutralized scripts are a gateway for hackers to breach your security protocols. All these mentioned tactics are tried, tested and necessary for an effortless workflow but as we said, a developer or a developing agency can only contribute 60-80% to the website’s protection.

Apart from the points mentioned above, your role as the owner of your digital marketplace shines now more than ever. As the in-depth backend aspect of the website is done, there is still a basic need of trust to be reflected as users start coming to your web page. You might hear a request of acquiring https by your dedicated developer. HTTPS works as an approval mark of safety for our users and their sensitive information. No only that, having a https on your website ensures that the information between you, your clients and the server stays private, protected and hidden by anyone else.

How do I get HTTPS for my website?

One way to acquire HTTPS for your website is by obtaining a SSL certificate. It is a standard encryption used by top ranking web pages to safeguard exchange of delicate information between websites and their users. Depending upon your business and its functioning there are plenty of SSL certificates dedicated to protect your information from any unwanted pair of eyes. If you are not sure on what certificate to get, feel free to ask your developing agency as they are well versed with it on a daily basis.

Is SSL worth it?

The benefits of getting a SSL certificate compared to their price are immaculate. There are no cons of it.

  • You get strong protection from cybercrime activities as the information under encrypted SSL technology is unreadable by potential hackers and intruders.
  • All the personal information of your users including login details and all the monetary transactions stay safe under a standard protocol.
  • HTTPS on a website serves as an official seal of safety and helps in establishing trust among visiting users.
  • An added plus being that Google rewards secured websites with improvd authority score and higher rankings

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