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How to Use Discord, Telegram, and Other Platforms to Boost Your Digital Presence

By March 15, 2021May 27th, 2024No Comments

How to Use Discord, Telegram, and Other Platforms to Boost Your Digital Presence

There have been more than few enhancements and innovations within the digital realm. Facebook marketing comapny, Instagram marketing company and Twitter marketing company are no longer the only bulls of the web market. Although these kingpins serve to few of the most huge and diverse user base, there have often been times that companies have always wanted something more even after flourishing on these platforms. This is mainly because these websites, despite their constant updations in terms of interface and usability, are what they started as; a social media platform. Of Course you find the options to make sales directly or ways to connect with users more intimately but they all lack the touch that can make users feel more connected to brands, something that could make users appreciate all the time, energy and money that they have bestowed upon the company. There is only so much value that you can provide to users on a deeper level from these platforms.

Ever since the boom of the internet world, we have constantly witnessed innovations that are derived to fulfill certain requirements. The concern of a deeper bond with users has probably been the longest in the modern era and despite these needs being met on a basic level, there have been many digital advancements that offer an assurance of quality and a door to a much extensive connection. In this blog, we make you aware of these platforms that can help you meet your digital marketing goals and strategies more rapidly.


Discord is one of the most fastly growing platforms that there is. It initially gained success amongst gamers all around the world as it represented a global medium for gamers to unite and be part of the community. Ever since its features have sheltered many companies and their users to be in touch on a direct line basis. You can describe discord as a plethora of communities. From fashion enthusiasts to travellers to artists, almost everyone can seem to find value on discord. This provides companies looking to meet their marketing needs with huge potential since discord as a platform hasn’t been vocal about its rich and dynamic features yet. Features like rule screening, creating rooms along with video chats, screen share, media exchange and voice calls make this a more diverse platform than the most famous ones in the market. Apart from a stacked user engagements features, you also get analytical insights. This can help you determine the path of your users, user retention, demographic and engagement touch points. You can pinpoint your loyal customers through these analyticals and use the data to further build on the already deep rooted trust. Many big companies use this interaction to offer limited time deals, encourage user generated content and practice special treatment by answering queries.


Telegram houses more than 500 million active users at present, it has grown tremendously and hosts great value for businesses. Just like discord, telegram offers you to create your own community. Telegram is fairly easy to use and works as a direct thread between company and user base. Yes, comparatively it does not flaunt high user numbers like facebook or instagram but it solves a huge purpose that instagram and facebook can never provide to its users, most importantly if you are a business owner. We are talking about the algorithm that keeps your posts from being visible to all your followers. You can have a million followers but only a few thousands of those followers can view your latest posts on their feed, the number is said to sit at roughly 30%. With telegram, not only you will get access to your genuine and loyal customers but also get a restriction free access to all your appreciators. You can use this platform to roll out interesting offers, market your next product, increase user engagement or to redirect your audience to a desired url. Given the state of top tier digital marketing platform, telegram is a no brainer.


It is 2021 and we have access to almost everything that there is in the world. From information to physically acquiring something you desire, it is all a matter of a few clicks. It is a no brainer that one cannot help but think about security and safety. There is so much that comes under cyber security and not everyone can be an expert at it. Signal targets that one major problem that not even the most famous names in the industry are planning to solve; privacy. Signal offers 100% assurity when it comes to privacy and features all the components that are offered by the messenger app that you are using right now. Signal has gained a lot of trust to its name because of its end to end encryption wireframe which flaunts no third party can view or know about the message you exchange, not even signal itself trace your texts. To display the seriousness towards making Signal a safe space, they have voluntarily stayed away from any advertisement commitments. This makes Signal a trustful abode for users and a probable ground as the next step in your marketing strategy.

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