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Choosing The Right Platform For Your Website

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Choosing The Right Platform For Your Website

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As we all know, a website has the potential to help skyrocket your online success, depending upon the pre-requisites, such as website design, digital content marketing, and services offered in and by that particular site.

We understand the importance of a website even in this day and age and understand the fact that success within the sector usually is a result of investing a huge load of money over the web development and wordpress site maintenance of your website, just to hit it across the baseline and not out of the ballpark. Given that you are financially flourished to invest huge chunks of capital to design the website that you envision then, we priorly inform you that a developer can help you customize your website building process with respect to your requirements.

Now, for all the budget-stringent individuals dedicated solely to developing their website, we’ve got the next best thing! This article will give a simple breakdown of the most popular and best website platforms to help you get started.

Wix is an interactive cloud-based website software platform. It offers ease of access through a superb set of features in creating your website.

Wix is a fully hosted platform where you get certain flexibility regarding the hosting services. In addition to tons of templates accessible for your website’s futuristic design, it consists of an AI called Wix ADI, that can further help you to construct and enhance the build of your website.

At first, you will receive a free plan with limited storage and bandwidth usage to kickstart the process. However, if you wish to publish your website, then you may need to upgrade to the premium plan to host your website with your desired domain name.

Furthermore, a free plan means you’ll see Wix-branded ads. These ads might just fill up your screen fittingly in beginning will eventually turn annoying at a point in time. So, either you compromise with what you’ve utilized for free, or upgrade to a premium plan to eradicate the ads.

Fees: Wix gives you a limited free plan alongside their branded subdomain. Joining a domain costs approximately $9/month and their combo offer starts at $14.95/month including a free domain name. The E-Commerce plan for online stores costs about $25-27/month.

WordPress is the world’s most popular website platform which empowers a whopping 39% of all the websites over the Internet, famous for their ease of use, integrated features, and most of all, scalability.

WordPress is an open-source free website builder that provides the utmost level of authority and online charisma over your website, in comparison with any other platform included in this list. It is helpful in creating every type of website as well as multilingual websites which are completely translated for all its users.

The cherry on top? WordPress is armed with an approximation of 60000 free plugins with functionalities such as contact forms, Google analytics, social media tools, CSS customization, SEO tools, etc.

While the platform is considered to be one of the best in availability for content creators, business owners, bloggers, and more, it is a must to familiarize yourself with the platform before taking the ultimate initiative to host a website of your dreams.

Fees: Being a free website building platform, you will need a domain name and web hosting to get your website live, which approximately costs around $10-15/year and $7-10/month respectively.

Shopify is an all-in-one fully hosted website creation platform which surmounts every other platform on the basis of constructing online shopping and E-Commerce websites.

Being an AIO solution, you can focus on your website from the get-go by managing backups of your website data and installing updates. Additionally, they incorporated a payment gateway called Shopify Payments giving many payment options for your website and target customers.

Primarily an E-commerce website creator, Shopify boasts complete inventory management, seamless logistics, limitless products, critical stats, and a marketing approach, simplifying its enormous potential within its repertoire.

Pro Tip: You can even combine Shopify and WordPress in order to use both of their benefits to your own volition.

Now, there’s a catch, with a lot on the menu, you may find its services expensive than most within this list.

Fees: Basic plan costs $29/month and can be upgradable to Shopify for $79/month or Advanced Shopify for $299/month. It also offers a Lite plan which costs $9/month, which typically allows you to add a buy button on your website.


Squarespace is a popular professional website known for its intricate designs and great usage-access. Squarespace contains an enterprise-grade infrastructure to host your website.

This robust and reliable platform helps you to shuffle through tons of designs for all kinds of content to commence without worrying about hosting.

Squarespace has an online retail plan where you can manage inventory and orders coupled up with a great interface.

Nevertheless, Squarespace provides only finite integrations with third-party services, being a hassle in your website progress. Similarly, the options for payment gateway are just as limited, only comprising Apple Pay, Stripe, and PayPal.

Fees: Squarespace website ranges from $12-18/month. Following, their online retailing websites range from $25-40/month.

What are Customized Websites?

Customized website is a collective term for uniquely designed websites that are tailored for your personal/professional needs to a T.

This is a mediating process where you need to hire an online website developing agency/freelance developer and designers. These websites are coded down by developers and designed from scratch by designers.

The reason why a customized website is rather mentioned to be most suitable for doing online business as you can make changes at any given time and degree of your need.

Fees: Imagine the bare cheapest to most exorbitant price for your website. Within this humongous range, your expense can land anywhere depending on the quote of your agency/developer.


We derived this list according to the best functionality that one can get through website platforms. Yet, it is subjective to the proportion of people as per their craved portrayal over the Internet.

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