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Website Maintenance Services

Any modern businesses proficiency is determined by its fluidity to change and adapt to modern times. Your website is the most unfabricated content for your potential clients. Thus, making it an integral asset in your online presence. Our maintenance services blend streamlined tactics and up-to-date practices to prolong the upward curve and add to your website’s cadence.

website maintenance

Why Zuplic for Web Maintenance?

Zuplic holds notable rapport amongst its list of international clientele. Our drive for client satisfaction has proven to be our core strength in achieving and retaining trust within our customers. We provide one-stop-service for all your website solutions including Speed Optimization, SSL Certification, Database Solutions, Server Migrations, Hosting, Fixing Broken Links or Plugins, Core Updations, Malware Protection; Google Search Console, ReCaptcha, Analytics integration and several more. Our maintenance services aim to study and dissect every narrative of your website to keep it aptly running and upgraded in terms of security and efficiency. Zuplic sits as a prominent choice for all your day to day and specialized website upgradations. Entrusted by clients all around the globe, we stay in line with the current trends and practices involving E-commerce, PHP, Magento, OpenCart, WordPress, Shopify, Codelgniter, HTML, Prestashop to name a few.

Key Features

All our Maintenance Plans include:

Performance Evaluation

Our complex routines are deployed to analyse the functioning of your website. Several factors are kept in mind to determine the health and harmony of the webpages. These methods are implemented constantly and a website report is generated to work upon.


Upon the arrival of the report, several actions are taken to fix the bugs on the website. These can be anything from bad page load speeds, plugin irregularities to 404 error fixes. The website health reports are churned constantly until few positive reports are generated.

Malware Protection

We take strict measures to make your website a hack-free zone. Our malware protection includes rigorous scans of your website, both automated and manual. Our goal prioritize around preventing websites to be hacked altogether. Although, if any harmful debris is identified, our in-house experts make sure no additional damage is caused the website.


Our experts prefer to reassess the website more deeply and complexity after the website has gone through malware/virus protection. Any broken links, spam activities or other elements that hold a negative impact are taken care of and fixed immediately.

Support & Transparency

Our support team keeps you in a constant loop as the initial stages of your website maintenance begins. All the final reports at the end of each stages are shared with you. In case of any queries, you can reach out to us via email or call our customer support hotline.


Web pages have a lot to them than what meets the eyes. We believe in backing up your website after we are finished with our maintenance program. This way you always have a perfect version of your website at your disposal.

Amalgam of Automated and Manually Executed Processes

We at Zuplic, abide by our automated process, used for websites associated with us from all over the globe. Alongside the automatic rendering, our experts examine the websites in-depth, based on their business and niche. We take multiple backups throughout the whole maintenance process to be more versatile to your demands.

  1. Our experts initiate the maintenance process by looking for cracks in your scripts and websites. An overall website’s health analysis is forced multiple times. All the areas of improvements are noted and fixed, major issues are forwarded on to the next process.
  2. A team of specialized individuals take on your website and search for irregularities and potential threats in your database, codes, certificates. Any deformity is attended to on an urgent basis and solved as soon as possible.
  3. Constant updations on web pages are done to keep it up with current trends. Any personalized changes requested by you are addressed here. Error pages and plugin errors are some examples of the recovery done in this phase.
  4. As we mentioned earlier, we constantly keep you in the loop of your website’s progress. We provide weekly and monthly updates on your website’s technical performance with monthly and quarterly updates on analytics if requested.

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Maintenance Services FAQ’s

Why is website maintenance important?

Website maintenance is an integral practice to maintain the credibility and relevance of your site with the viewers. It ensures your website is working efficiently and is well protected for you and your visitors.

Does website maintenance affect SEO?

Unhealthy websites might result in a decreased overall score, ultimately impacting the credibility and trust within bots. Website’s downtime can also impact your search rankings and hence, it is advised that you keep a regular check on your websites.

What are weekly website maintenance practices?

  • Check each page on your website is loading flawlessly
  • Inspect your plugins for new updates
  • Assess all the forms on your website
  • Check for any broken links or page errors
  • In case of any changes, ensure a backup of the fresh website

What are monthly website maintenance practices?

  • Study your security scans and search for any irregularities
  • Review the loading speed of your website
  • Analyse and compare preferred website stats
  • Update the pages and blog posts that could benefit from it
  • Take proper measures to secure a backup

What are the steps to get started with website maintenance?

Tap on get started and mention the services you are looking for on your website. Our officials will assess your request thoroughly and respond with a quotation. We can start emphasizing your website once you give us a green light.

How many changes can I give?

Your plan would generally include several mandatory and high-end practices. You can include any number of changes in our maintenance programme.

How much time does it take to complete a maintenance program on my website?

Thanks to our in-house experts, average time to complete detailed maintenance on a website takes around 30-50 hours. However, a major change can elevate the duration.

How much do you charge to deploy maintenance program yearly?

Our yearly subscription of maintenance program to keep your website healthy throughout its runtime sits around a min of 15K to 50K depending on the requirement. So, we advise all our customers to request a quote as these prices tend to see a drop or rise, depending upon the services you want for your website.






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