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6 ways to choose your social media topics that fuel your blog

By January 16, 2019May 30th, 2024No Comments

6 ways to choose your social media topics that fuel your blog

Social media is an continuously evolving trend of the entire digital marketing sphere. Social media which is also called as “World of Mouth” is a platform that amplifies your “word of mouth”. Previously, the only way of sharing a business information was through the actual word of mouth in your local area either face to face or via telephone. But today social media is changing the marketing landscape as with its power one can easily share information virally to many friends at once.

But what kind of information you can actually share on social media? Coming up with the content ideas is probably the hardest part of social media marketing. Whether it is about finding the right time to post or just figuring out what to post, social media has so many aspects to cover. In this article, we are brainstorming some tips that will help you draft engaging and interesting social media posts for your small business. Let’s have a look:

Questions and Answers:

When you are an expert of your industry, people desperately wants to listen to your advice. For example if you are a restaurant owner, then people love your views on topic like “what is your strategy to promote your restaurant on Valentine’s day?”. You can also come up with other topics that is loosely related to your business but will help you to establish as an expert in your industry. Trust us, this type of posts are very helpful in driving traffic to your blog.

Myths and Misconceptions:

This is a huge category for every kind of business and people love to more about such topics. In your daily interaction with customers and clients you get to know many misinformation and spend a lot of time setting the things right for them. Well, these myths give you a huge opportunity to build the thought leadership on social media that most of the small business owners look for.

Product reviews:

These are the posts that let you become the influencer in the industry Product reviews have a legitimate on purchase decisions. You can offer a real value by reviewing a product or service. And topic like that gain high customer interaction in comparison to others.

How-to guides or Walkthroughs:

There is no use of your service promotions unless people don’t know how to execute them. For example, if you are selling a customer point-of-sale software, you need a few walkthrough blogs explaining everything in detail. Yes sometimes, to get a whole lot back, you need to give something for free. You can also curate some social media posts explaining a few FAQ’s.

Holidays and season based posts:

People are more active on social media during festivals and holidays. So prepare a calendar of season events and trends you need content ready for. This means everything from New years, Christmas to Good Fridays and other local events.

Tips and Tricks:

World’s Vernacular is so much influenced by social media. A simple tip on social media is a big hack on Internet and there is no doubt that people love hacks. Believe us, if you substitute the word “advice” with “hack” in your blog posts, you’ll notice this headline will generate more traffic. So try to provide at least a hack on your social media everyday.

So if you commit to make it all the way through, you’ll have a lot of ideas that your audience will like. You will also see how much you can accomplish just by putting a few minutes of efforts to your social media. So power up your digital marketing plan instantly.

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