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5 tips for designing a homepage

By February 20, 2023May 30th, 2023No Comments

5 tips for designing a homepage

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We are all aware that hosting and servers are the land area in the world of the internet, and homepages serve as the exterior of homes. But here, unlike the actual houses, more than just an appealing home front is needed. To serve its purpose of retaining visitors, you must create a welcoming environment that complements all of your users’ functionalities. In essence, a healthy homepage that is consciously optimised to offer a flawless experience throughout the entire scroll. Achieving this can require technical proficiency, but with assorted basic elements, you can make sure you are taking the right steps. So. Let’s dive into the points one needs to consider in order to make a homepage that follows correct web design practises and directs your users deeper into the website.

01. Keep layout clean and easy navigable

A bunch of images, widgets, or information right away on the homepage can give it a messy and cluttered feel. This overwhelming presence of media can excrete the user’s desire to explore your website as a brand. Instead, begin with the goal of keeping your space clutter-free and well-planned. This will not only come off as easy on the user’s eyes, but it will also give ample time for visitors to retain what you have to offer.


Choose a clean template or design that is easy to navigate. Keep your most prized form of content where it is easy to notice.


Drop off any extra content that could make the page look messy. Get rid of unimportant banners, images, or write-ups.

02. High Image Quality

Images on your homepage have the calibre to convey a deeper depiction of your brand. This signifies the importance of high-quality images on your webpage. You can find good-quality images in stock libraries online, probably for free too. Just don’t forget to optimise the file size so the images don’t affect your page loading speed.


High-resolution and informative images can pique users’ interest and encourage them to explore your website further. Use it to your advantage.


Refrain from using a plethora of images and only focus on finding the ones that suit your message and the brand.

03. Ensure your Color scheme & background work in sync

Color combinations are essential as they directly reflect your brand identity. Your background and colour schemes are probably going to be the same throughout your entire website. There are plenty of resources where you can research colour palettes and swatches for your homepage. Choose from the ones with which you relate the most.


Keep in mind that the colour scheme works as a utility for your brand while also being a visual appetizer. Moderation is the key.


Think twice before giving into trendy colour combinations, as these tend to fade over time. Also, make sure your background does not interfere with other elements on your website.

04. Optimise your homepage buttons

Your homepage is the first thing that most people see, and it can dictate the total time people spend on your website. As you place your CTA (click-to-action), it is essentially important to make it purposeful. CTAs are your stimulant to direct users to other pages, promotions, and galleries, which can lead them to the payment gateway. So, use it wisely.


Keep the words in your CTA as clear and precise as possible. 3 to 6 words can suffice.


Don’t let the CTA button go unseen. The correct placement of the action button can work wonders for your website.

05. Regularly Update your content

It is practically impossible to create a perfectly healthy homepage without great text. Text can help your users identify what the entire website is about. While certain content areas can stay untouched, updating other elementary details within healthy intervals will signify responsibility and professionalism. For example, if you have certain schemes or PR initiatives, you can maintain their freshness by updating them.


Work on keeping the content current and fresh. With the passage of time, this indicates modernity as well as dependability.


Don’t go overboard with the information or content on your homepage. Try to keep it short and up to the point, as other pages have roles to play too.

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