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5 strategies to help you win your next guest post

By February 22, 2018September 3rd, 2019No Comments

5 strategies to help you win your next guest post

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Matt cutts, a prominent employee of Google, once wrote an article titled as “The Decay and Fall of Guest blogging in SEO” validates its importance. Now what could be more authoritative than an article straight from the horse’s mouth. The technique of guest blogging is not just writing for a popular blog, but it is about writing a popular post for a popular blog. Guest blogging is about writing a post that gets mentions, provides you traffic and earns you subscribers. And the best part about this content marketing strategy is that it opens doors for new relationships with a popular blogger. But let’s hold on for a moment, how this guest blogging game can be escalated from so-so to a superstar. Here are 7 handy tips for guest bloggers, let’s dig into the details.

Make a list of best blogs to ask

Some blogs are more responsive to guest posting while some remain calm. If a website asks for guest posting, of course, it is a good place to start but the majority of such sites are not worth your time. On the other hand, there are some websites that accept guest posts but don’t advertise the fact. So do your proper research, read their blog posts, check out the author bios before approaching a blogger.

Read the guidelines and follow them

Bloggers who facilitate guest posts on their sites often have a defined set of rules for guest posters. For example, some bloggers want you to submit an article in WordPress, some want you to include quality screenshots and infographics while some instructions are as simple as asking for a minimum word count. So read guest post guideline carefully to make it easy to acquire a guest post. Where every startup marketing business has its own set of rules, there is one rule common to all is that writing a unique content. Unusual, unorthodox and unconventional writing pieces are the key to a successful guest post writing.

Send them a personalized email

If a blogger has guest post guidelines on his site, he obviously doesn’t need a 200-word intro in your email. Write a concise email that directly addresses the blogger can be both efficacious or worthless. For example, if you send someone a generic email that doesn’t address them personally is far likely to be ignored. On the contrary, drafting personalized emails for every single outreach is time-consuming. Sa a balance between the two is required and this can be done by writing a custom template with some unique information showing that you researched the blog for every single outreach.

Say no to blatant self-promotion

Remember, guest posts are not advertisements. Instead of writing promotional content in the content body, look for the ways to provide in-depth and unique information. One way to stand out in the crowd is to get interviewed by an industry expert or hiring SEO services for your content marketing task. You can also leave the promotional content for author bio. And lastly, whatever you do, put your best efforts into a guest post to make it live on the Internet.

Don’t forget to leave a good CTA

A successful blogger is one who leaves a thought awakening question on which readers can comment on at the end of a post. When you are doing guest posting, your content is read by a whole new community of readers and making a relationship with them is the sole purpose of guest posting. So fearlessly connect with readers, wherever you can

So when you know the little secrets of writing popular guest posts, don’t wait much and upgrade your writing skills for a more engaged audience and better traffic.

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