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5 modern logo design trends to expect in 2020

By January 24, 2018March 13th, 2020No Comments

5 modern logo design trends to expect in 2020

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In the overcrowded digital space, startups and small businesses have a strong competition against the large and dominant businesses. And customers who just find your brand online, need something to remember you by. Well, nothing serves better than a logo as a symbol of your brand. An effective logo is memorable and has a long-lasting impact on the visitors. A distinct design of your logo can even spark an interest in the first sight. So don’t be too quick to decide on a logo design that is going to be your brand identity for a long run.

But, as we all know with each passing year, some design trends fade away while others make a presence on the screens. Minimalism and simplicity will still hang around and we will celebrate the comeback of our old favourites with some modern and updated looks. Here is a list of such emerging logo design trends that will give your brand a creative and stylish look for 2018. Let’s check them out:

Grab attention with a creative typography in logos:

The graphical mark of a logo is usually supported by its text. And when it comes to graphic design trends, nobody can overlook the importance of creative typography. But if you think any old text font can give you a creative logo then forget it. You need to tune in some creativity for a brand new logo. Split typography where the fonts feature unexpected negative space in the letters and hand-effect typography where the irregularity is the key are among the hottest trends in logo designing sphere. So just encourage your web design company to play with these handful typography techniques.

Get moving with an animation logo:

We can bet on that animation logos will be in the list of latest conquering trends for many more years to come now. So if you are still wondering why more and more brands are favouring moving visuals in logos then it is because of their adaptability towards the eye-grabbing animations of recent web development techniques. There are high chances that visitors will get all fascinated seeing their favourite brands logos being flashed as animated Gifs. The animated logos also help in increased user engagements on websites since they are slick, clear and extremely appealing.

Step up your brand popularity with a Monogram Logo:

The Monogram logo designing is in trend for a long time now and it is not seen to be gone anytime soon.  But it might get a makeover for the better in 2018. You just need to select your favorite font (obviously the modern one) and weave the letters while incorporating a bold color palette to design a monogram logo of your choice.

Paint a futuristic brand with a Digital Paintbrush logo:

Forget all those old brushes of photoshop and embrace the modern logo design trends with digital paint brushes. The digital paint brushes are cleaner, more versatile and capable of producing a more natural effect. You might have seen the use of digital paint brushes in those attention-grabbing social media marketing posts. Hence why not start producing amazing lettering and logos for the brands using them.

Get ahead of the curve with a rising color logo:

Boldness is essential in an era where businesses are continuously fighting for better visibility online. The year 2018 will offer various trends for you to experiment with your logo design expertise and use of colors can never be underestimated for this. Web designers love the balance of simple designs and vivid color so the trend of bright hues will continue in logo designing also.

The flickering trends are always difficult to navigate. The bottom line is that always let your brand guide you. Therefore instead of following what’s on fleek to design your brand identity, make sure to ask yourself does that really represent your brand.

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