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5 amazing SEO tools to try in 2020 for free

By January 10, 2018March 13th, 2020No Comments

5 amazing SEO tools to try in 2020 for free

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When you own a business entity, you certainly want to leave your marks in the mind of the visitors. And without the right toolkit, this can not be done effectively. The tools you use can legitimately make or break your SEO marketing campaign. By making use of efficient SEO tools, you can really make a measurable impact on your SEO efforts. We are not going to lie but the Internet is full of SEO tools to help you grow your website traffic sporadically. But choosing the best of them is kind of critical. For your assistance, here we are combining 5 of the best SEO tools that are either for keyword research, competitor research, rank tracking and link building.

Best SEO tools for 2018

Google Analytics:No SEO campaign is complete without Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a Google-owned Freemium services that mean small business owners can use it without paying any penny. It even offers a paid recurring plan with more advanced features. With this tool, you can determine how much traffic your website gets, where your visitors are coming from, what is their behaviour with your website and much more.


This tool is the secret ingredient behind the success of any online marketing plan as it provides the detailed analytics based on the competitor analysis for a keyword contained on the website. The best thing about this tool is that it keeps the third eye on your competitors and track their every single moment from website traffic to their targeted keywords. It helps you to define (your project).


This freemium tool is available for your site diagnosis. It highlights the critical errors in your website by investigating the given URL page. This SEO auditing tool acts as an advisor and recommends you the things that you should do to improve your website’s search rankings. What else would you expect from a tool that it points out the error and also suggest options to remove it? Certainly, the best among all.

SEO Quake:

SEO Quake is a free plugin that gives you a detailed organic research data in one click. This tool has become digital marketer’s X-ray visionary eye that lists your website’s critical on-page issues. This is an interesting tool that discovers deeper insights about some highly influencing parameters of a link partner that you browse online. This is the preferable tool that compares domain and URL strength and many other indexes valuable to boost your business up in search engine rankings.

SERP Rank Checker:

This is the most powerful rank checking tool capable of tracking millions of keywords within seconds. Being a website owner it’s become a responsibility to check the google rankings for your competitive keywords regularly to measure the efficiency of your SEO campaign. And SERP serves your this purpose and comes with a 30 day trial for every business plan.

It’s the firm reality of this online world that a website which ranks better in SERP is more trustable and reliable. So implement these tools that lead you to the top of the Google search engine rankings.

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