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The Most Common Types of Websites in 2022

By October 15, 2022October 18th, 2022No Comments

The Most Common Types of Websites in 2022

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A well-curated website is one of the best ways to establish an authentic digital presence. It is the primal step to validate the seriousness, legitimacy, and dependability. Believe it or not, a huge percentage of consumers judge the credibility of a brand or company by the layout and design of its website. According to Adobe, over 35% of people retain their attention from a website if the content, layout, or design seems unattractive.

Despite understanding the importance of a well-designed website, one can find it hard to start with the correct tool due to a plethora of options in the evergrowing digital market. The ability to cordially choose a website type for your business can help you effectively reach out to potential users and also save you money. So, here we discuss briefly the types of websites that are most popularly being used in 2022.

Business Websites

Business websites are not only low maintenance but also hit the home run for you when inspecting the sectors of credibility, authenticity, and a solid foothold. Whether you have a business, a startup, or a service distribution agency, you can radiate the seriousness of your chores through a business website. Additionally, you can use the website to deliver important news, schemes, and offers, answer queries, solve disputes and also register bookings as well as appointments. Casa Mami and Joy Factory are examples of thriving business websites.

E-Commerce Website

E-Commerce websites offer the ease and layout to sell your products from your website. You can either add your products to the database or act as a middleman for consumers and other businesses. You can make it unique by fabricating the overall design and feel of the website via customization of menu bars, the home page, call-to-action buttons, etc. Along with that, E-Commerce platforms need tighter security than your average websites to keep the personal information of users safe and secure. Amazon and Ali Express are prime examples of this website module.

Blogging Websites

Blogs are personal spaces where one can share thoughts on anything and everything. Blogs are used to share information, experiences, facts, and research through a written and visual form of communication. One can monetize their blogs through affiliate links or collaboration with advertisers. The most popular themes within this spectrum are travel blogs, culinary blogs, and fashion blogs. More than 80% of brands now maintain an entire team to run their blog pages. Uncornered Market and Budget Bytes are blogging-oriented spaces while Myntra Fashion and Thrilliphilia are blogs operated by famous brands.

Personal Web Pages

Personal web pages assist in implementing a sudden boost to one’s online presence. They showcase one’s individuality. A prime example of them would be fan pages and resume-oriented pages. They can flaunt anything from hobbies to interests to accomplishments to radiate the true personality of an individual. These examples of Gabriel Iglesias and Joe Rogan encapsulate what a personal website can promise.

Web Forums

Web forums offer to create a community around specific interests, topics, or issues by connecting people from all across the globe. From sharing knowledge to generally discussing a shared interest, users can almost talk about anything in the world. Gaming, cinema, environmental practices, sustainability, and healthy living are a few of the most discussed topics right now. Reddit and Digital Spy are the best-known forums that are frequently flooded with users from all around the globe.

Event Pages

Event websites assist in harmonization through the duration of events. One can manage invites, churn-ups, queries, and follow-ups solely through the website. Look at it as a headquarters for all your operations. These days, one can even set up virtual events, which have shown a major increase in overall event engagement. Burning Man and Coachella are the leading events with spectacular websites.

Non-Profit Web Pages

Non Profit websites can help you summarize the goals, missions, and aims of your organization. It assists in communicating your core beliefs and way of operating along with various recognitions and feats to the public. Several churches, temples, child education, and animal rescue centers use these types of websites. You can present event schedules and even set up a donation and volunteering page for ease and thorough transmission. Wisconsin Writers Association and Invisible Children are examples of a few well-run non-profit websites.

Portfolio Web Pages

Graphic Designers, Video Editors, Painters, Writers, Cinematographers, and Photographers including other artists make use of websites to display their work and experience. This adds to their professionalism and helps them take on new projects and serve potential clients. Check out these portfolio pages by Evan Ranft and Michelangelo Torres.

Information Oriented Websites

Information-oriented websites operate with the sole purpose of conveying accurate information. Encyclopedias, research, case studies, and news portals can easily be classified as prime examples of this criteria. Their upper hand comes from accurate and well-researched matter along with a long form of content that covers almost every minuscule area of the topic at hand. Wikipedia and Encyclopedia are globally renowned models of informational websites.

Membership Forum Pages

Membership websites are monetization-oriented spaces that work on gaining consumers by providing value. These can either be themed on entertainment, knowledge, arts, or news. They do this by being the top resource of whatever value they intend to supply. Several businesses and non-profit organizations also have exclusive parts of websites that are only open to certain members. Envato Elements and Medium are membership websites that offer assets and writings for enthusiasts in their stream.

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