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Security Tips for the Bloggers

By November 3, 2016September 3rd, 2019No Comments

Security Tips for the Bloggers

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Blogging is creative work which requires internet and computer or a  smartphone. People carry it as part-time or full-time whatever suits them. Bloggers have one motto that is to write something interesting which their audience would love and market their brand. The lovely written piece of yours for online marketing also requires security to prevent cyber threats and phishing issues. Below here we are going to discuss some affordable tips which a blogger should use to avoid those unbearable hackers.

Increase Password Strength of your Blog

Most of us don’t know the importance of strong passwords. People prefer using of weak password thinking that it is easy to remember which can easily lead to hacking. As these passwords can be cracked on one shot by hackers.

  1. One should avoid using his personal information in the passwords like birthdate, address, username or any information related to the blog.
  2. Avoid using a name, mobile number and security number. These types of passwords are easy to hack, and anyone can break in into your account, especially if they are people who know you personally.
  3. If they have acquired your personal information online by an unsecured connection then not to worry! Just make sure you are changing your passwords on a regular basis and never use the same passwords over multiple times for different accounts.

Take Backup of your files

The second thing which comes in security is taking backup of your files. If your site is compromised, then the hacker can do anything, he/she can wipe out all your blogs, then instead of reimplementing from scratch you can paste your backup back onto your blog.

If you don’t know how to take the backup of the records, then there is a ‘Help’ section of your website host. The tutorial is available there. Still, you face any trouble then contact customer support for your hosting.

Try different backup methods until you find out the best one for your work

Backup all your useful files in redundant hard drives on the computer which is strong & convenient, though it is expensive; but puts all your work at one place.

Buy a flash drive of enough space where you can store all your important documents. Back up all the essentials files in the flash drive whenever you are working and keep them safe.

Stay up-to-date

Keep your software up-to-date; the older is your software, the easier for the hackers to crack it. Software updates cover all the vulnerability of program and make it more secure so that it cannot get ruined quickly.

Since there are many companies who did not alert you of new updates. For this, you have to check your safety software regularly for an upgrade. Or, you can find the new software upgrade information on their site also, do remember to check them.

Use private network

Anyone who uses the internet on a regular basis must know how to protect their information. At the time, when you are accessing the internet with the unsecured public network you placing your personal information at high risk. Even those who don’t store their personal data can also be affected because web browsers often save your login information.

That’s why it is always recommended to use a private network or VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) that helps to secure your browsing sessions by encrypting the traffic between the device and server. So whenever you are creating a blog use VPN to keep your site information safe. Also, visit only HTTPS sites for shopping that ensures your visit is secure.

Never share your Account details

The proficient way to protect your blog is never let anyone log into your account. If It is necessary, then do let someone log in but quickly change your password afterwards. Also, never share your password over the internet even when you are mailing yourself.

If you have not applied this, then do it immediately that your personal email address should never associate with your blogs. It will help in keeping the things in organised and secure manner because you would share less your blogging email address as often as you are your personal email address.

Well, I hope this article would cover all the necessary security tips for the bloggers.  So, Worry Less! & Write Good!

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