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New in Google ?

By January 25, 2014September 4th, 2019No Comments

New in Google ?

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Technologies always make world a better place to live. So, there is no denying in the fact that technology can make the world entirely different.

Global search giant, has been silently working on becoming far more than just a search and advertising company. In coming years, is going on with the projects that are different from its portfolio. These projects could transform our life and could even lead to make life very easy to live.

Here are 10 of the most awe inspiring projects the company has up its sleeves:

1. Google is Investing in bulks in Robots

Google has taken over 10 robotics companies. Now, Deep Mind a big robotic firm is with .

2. Experiments with Taxi Services

Recently, acquired a patent on a technology that would allow consumers to get free taxi rides. Even it might be possible this service could be linked to it‘s digital-advertising

3. Liaise with Automakers in Developing Driverless Cars

All of you must have heard of driverless car. However, in past few years it has gained regulatory approval and actually getting on the road in large numbers.

4. Eyes for the Moon

Google’s Lunar X Prize rewards companies, organizations, groups, institutions and others (up to $40 million in prizes) which are interested in going to the moon for the progress they make toward getting there.

5. Slowly Fiber is Growing

Google Fiber offers extremely fast Internet speeds and is expanding each day. Currently, it’s up and running in Kansas City.

6. Project Loon Floats Trial Balloons

Google has launched a project called Loon where they will float balloons over designated areas (preferably areas where Internet is not available) and provide an Internet signal to those living there.

7. Smart Contact Lens will do more than Sharpen Vision

The contact lens will be worn on a person’s eye and will measure glucose levels every second: particularly helpful in case of diabetes.

8. Google’s subsidiary Calico Tackling Health and Wellness Issues

Google has formed a subsidiary called Calico that will tackle health and well-being.

9. Expands its Renewable Wind Energy

Google relies heavily on wind farms to power its data centers.

10. X Envisions Space Elevators

Last year, Google X announced that it was looking into developing a space elevator to lift people and payloads into orbit.

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