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Digital Marketing Audit – Get the bigger picture of your efforts

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Digital Marketing Audit - Get the bigger picture of your efforts

Today digital marketing plays a very crucial role in boosting any business online. Online marketing strategies are planned to keep in mind the growth, visibility, and feasibility of any business. However, many times, it is found that even after putting the best of digital marketing efforts the desired leads or sales goal or social media presence is not achieved.

To ensure the success of any digital marketing company it is very important to put in measurable efforts in the right box with every little justification on the ROI. Now how to achieve this? The answer is simple – Digital Marketing Audit. Regular Digital marketing audits would pave the way to understand areas that have worked best and the loopholes in the strategy to prevent leak in business. In this competitive market, a well-analyzed audit would surely place your business on top by giving a clear picture of how each idea is performing and ending up with a full proof solution to earn the desired results.

Focus Areas during a Digital Marketing Audit:

Reporting /Tracking

This is the first step to be taken in a digital marketing audit. Reporting or tracking of what, where, and when of our efforts is very mandatory to prepare a road map for the success of any business. There should be a detailed report about website traffic, SEO, Content, Digital branding, Live chat leads, Phone calls, revenue generated, and Social media activities. Proper reporting helps in understanding the Key Performance Indicators, which are the critical markers of progress towards desired results.


Every audit needs to have an objective to reach the goal. So one should have a proper road map and a clear picture of our measurable goals while carrying out the audit. An audit carried out with clarity on objective provides us with important and consolidated data, which would further give us vital information needed to achieve our targets.

Existing Digital Strategy

One of the key components of any digital audit is the homework on the current digital strategies. While developing a strategy towards our set objective it is very important to understand and have a deep analysis of the effectiveness of the existing digital efforts. Based on the same report we must plan our budgets, resources, and periods. Moreover, a smart analysis of the existing digital initiatives also helps in knowing the gaps in the operation or planning and thereby come up with solutions to overcome the damage.

Marketing Technology

In carrying out a digital audit one component, which cannot be missed, is the review of the prevailing technological system. Technology keeps on changing so it is very important to review current technology from time to time and find out whether it is best suited for our business or needs an upgrade. Below are some metrics one needs to keep in mind while having a check on the marketing technology:

  • The incorporated systems should be best to achieve the set goal.
  • Check on regular upgrades and automation to boost leads and overall sales.
  • Holds capabilities to offer reports on various data and metrics needed to achieve set goals.

Brand Uniformity

For any effective marketing one thing, which never changes and remains consistent is the Branding. All your digital advertising, website, customer emails, and experience forms should have harmony in branding. Your brand identity should be very strong in the minds of people. Careless branding works like a big gap and gets your customer confused, which is not healthy in any business. People easily mark out inconsistencies and such bad impressions last for a longer period. The brand value should be aesthetic and should be kept in mind while planning all the strategies and communication to convey the message straight to the heart. With a digital audit, one can get into the mindset of the audience towards your brand and get the gaps filled leading to negative impact among the crowd.

Social media

It is like a mirror for your brand. Your social post and content flaunt your brand and works like your voice for the audience. One needs to be careful while posting anything on the social media pages as the online audience is very judgmental and any wrong content would lead to a business leak. Check on content should be a top priority. Have a regular audit on what the online customers are looking for and accordingly plan the same to get the maximum mileage and enhanced engagement.


SEO is the heart of any digital marketing strategy. It is through SEO expert efforts that we can enhance our search engine ranking and high-end traffic. Therefore, SEO efforts should be monitored frequently and must be included in the digital audit to earn many opportunities. While carrying out the audit, check for SEO value in areas like Page Speed, Number of indexed pages, Mobile-friendliness, Broken links, Backlinks, Internal links, crawlability, ranking concerning target keywords, and Competitors update to keep the business and social presence moving upward.


Content is the king to captivate your audience. Content marketing company should be developed keeping the interest potential customers in mind. An audit of your social media content would help you understand your customer interest and their online behavior when they visit a website. Once you get to know this important piece of information, you should tailor your content as per the three stages that are awareness (TOFU), consideration (MOFU), and decision (BOFU) to ensure that the content touches the right audience at the right time and appropriate way.


Pay per click means paid media. It is one of the smart ways to reach the target audience and earn lead generation. To do it in the best possible way one must evaluate each digital marketing channel while doing an audit for PPC advertising. For this, it is crucial to have a clear knowledge of all the assets and resources to use them at the appropriate platform.

The conclusion-Digital marketing audit is an important tool to access the organization digital potential. The welcoming benefits of a digital audit are it improves operational efficiency, act as a catalyst in attaining the goal, and enhances the relationship with customers.

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