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Pay Per Click Marketing Company

We deliver aggressive user growth via our paid ads campaigns in no time

With a team of Google Adwords & Bing certified Individuals, we first analyze the nature of your business to select those keywords that add most value. Furthermore, we create an account with logical ad-groups and also try to add negative and extra keywords which can fetch more clicks. We regularly monitor accounts and try to maximize ROI and Quality score.

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ppc marketing

Zuplic is a leading digital marketing company which provides you with PPC services that are aimed towards generating impressive ROI in Ad spend. PPC or pay-per-click is an internet marketing service in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. We offer complete PPC management services across the world to not just gain instant traffic but to gain instant relevant traffic to your site. Quick and controlled strategies are used by our Certified AdWords Managers so that your products and services are available to the target audience on Google Search, Display and Shopping Network. We provide you with an opportunity to pay for acquiring the top position on search engines by testing keywords, business models, and marketplace verticals.

PPC Advertising Campaigns

Our campaigns make sure you are present when everybody is looking.

We do campaigns both on Google & Bing. Our team selects the keywords wisely after analyzing your business, we create an innovative marketing campaign. This makes sure that the customer not only clicks the link but also purchases. One of the prime thing that we do is create a unique landing page which makes sure that once the customer has arrived he/she doesn’t leaves empty-handed.

Even, we do Bing Advertising as we think something less, gets more. Bing & Yahoo hold a share of around 20% of search traffic. This has and advantage, due to low traffic flow to Bing and Yahoo, there is low competition among companies/individuals that is why ROI which you can generate can be maximum.


We cover the following channels in our PPC marketing services:

facebook marketing

Carousel Ads, Product Ads , Lead Ads, Page Audience Ads, Post Ads, Event Ads, Offer Claims, Video Ads, Boosted Page Posts

bing marketing

Expanded Text Ads, Product Ads Bing Ads in Bing Smart Search App install Ads, Dynamic Search Ads


Website Card Ads, Increase Follower Campaign Awareness campaign, Tweet Engagement

google adwords

Search, Display & Shopping Ads, Display Remarketing Ads & Dynamic Product Remarketing Ads, Video Ads,  App Promotion Ads and more

pinterest marketing

Promoted App Pins, Promoted Videos, Text and Product Pins

linkedin marketing

Sponsored Content, Text Ads, Dynamic Ads, Sponsored Mail, Programmatic Display Ads

ppc marketing

Why our PPC Marketing Services?

There is no doubt in the fact that pay per click drives instant traffic to your site. But, we would tell you why you should hire us as your PPC  advertising agency?

  • Analysing Your Niche: We help you discover and target the keywords that bring in more leads for your business.
  • Scoping the Competition: We watch your competitors for you while you focus on your business’s other pressing needs.
  • Widening the Network: We help you manage a larger scale online marketing campaign without the hassle and the tied hands.

Pay Per Click FAQ’s

What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

Pay Per Click advertising is one of the promotional activities which is done to drive website traffic. In such kinds of advertising, ads are placed on search engines or websites. The charges for the same are as per the number of clicks generated during the campaign. While running Pay Per Click advertisements one needs to be sure that the planned ad campaign is properly aligned so that there is a good pull for relevant traffic for the website. Regular monitoring and adaptation of necessary changes to the campaign is the key to earning relevant and quality traffic along with enhanced conversion rates for any website that too within the budget. A good Pay Per Click advertisement should be highly targeted with a close watch on different variables and ad formats to have one best with high results. A properly configured landing page should not be missed to track the conversions and return on investment.

On which networks do the Pay Per Click advertising services work best?

Pay Per Click advertising works best on search ad networks like Google Search and Display network, YouTube Ad Network, Bing Ads network, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn advertising.

What are the advantages of Pay Per click advertisements?

The most important advantage of Pay Per Click is that one can drive relevant and targeted traffic on the website easily. Moreover, traffic generated through Pay per Click is faster than SEO campaigns. However, the fact remains that Pay Per Click is more expensive as it involves cost per click and overall management of the campaign. The best part is that we can earn data for analysis within no time to check the overall performance of the campaign and do the necessary changes to get the best out of it.

How is a Pay Per Click planned?

A Pay Per Click is planned to take into consideration the products and services which need to be promoted. There should be a highly targeted ad for the promotion of each service offered instead of a generic one as they don’t fetch much of the results. If we take an example of services offered by the insurance company, then for Pay Per Click advertisement we would select the best of its services which may be life insurance. Now the landing pages and designing of ads would be all around the target clients looking for a life insurance policy. Such a planned and detailed campaign would ensure that we get the traffic on the website which is relevant to our business and a good source of potential leads for conversions.

How can I check the performance of my Pay Per Click campaign?

Tracking the performance of any Pay Per Click Campaign is very easy. For every such campaign, there would be a provision of the up-to-date dashboard which can be checked for all the updates related to the campaign. The updates can be in the form of charts, reporting, and different information that can be used to do a complete analysis of the campaign and its success. One can easily create a regular report from the data available on the dashboard and monitor the performance accordingly.

What is the importance of being a Google Ads partner when it comes to Pay Per Click?

For Pay, Per Click advertising owning a Google Ads partner is very important and crucial. It ensures that you are a certified ad agency and well versed with what works best for instant results and quick return on investment.

Which works better Facebook advertising or Pay Per Click Advertising?

Facebook advertising is extremely different from other Pay Per Click advertising. Facebook gives us the option to run various types of Ad campaigns that may not be active on search engines like Bing or Google Network. Facebook advertising comes into the category of passive advertising. Passive advertising is done when there is a plan to showcase the ads to the targeted user who may be interested in our product regardless of those who may be actively looking for a particular product. Active advertising is done especially when we intend to place an ad for a user who is actively searching for our product or services. For active advertising Google and Bind network work best.

What works best Active or Passive advertising?

To judge what works best when it comes to active or passive advertising then it all depends on what is our target. If we are planning to capture users who are interested in our range of services or products that active advertising which is done through Google or Bing works best. One needs to keep in mind that active advertising is expensive and so should be planned very thoughtfully. Passive advertising which includes Facebook and Google Display Network serves best when our aim is towards demographic targeting. Passive advertising works brilliantly for users who are realtors. Also, this type of advertising is relatively cheaper. Overall, it all depends on the business requirement when it comes to the selection of active or passive advertising.






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