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7 factors to consider while choosing the best hosting for WordPress

By July 26, 2018August 30th, 2019No Comments

7 factors to consider while choosing the best hosting for Wordpress

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Once you decide to make your business online, the first and most important step you have to take is getting hosting. As a web host is what will improve your website performance and SEO rankings. WordPress has many hosting requirements that need to be fulfilled before installing. With so many web hosting providers promising the best features and services, deciding on a web host can be overwhelming if you are an amateur.

Choosing a wrong web hosting company can be a very expensive mistake as you would be paying for the features that you might don’t need ever. Hence to help you out, we have listed down some key factors to consider while choosing the best hosting for WordPress. Let’s have a look:

Storage capacity:

Allocating a space on the web is the basic service that every web hosting companies offer. But easy access to the amount of space and bandwidth within your chosen hosting plan is what that matters and needs to be considered. So, choose a company that offers unlimited bandwidth and give you the flexibility to expand your web presence in upcoming years.


Clearly, understand the goal of your website before selecting a web hosting company in India as it will highly influence your decision. If you are developing a personal website, then usually a free hosting service will serve your needs. But if you are developing an e-commerce site or a business online presence, then a paid hosting is a good option for you. The standard option for such business purpose is a paid shared hosting which is charged monthly or annually.


Along with bandwidth and storage, you should also consider the usability of hosting service. Some feature to look for are whether your hosting provider has cPanel, ISPConfig, SSL Certification, Plesk etc. These usability features are must in order to set up and customize your site when it is live on the Internet.


If your business includes anything related to online transactions, then it is important your web server is protected and has SSL support. If a hosting company is providing you with a backup server, then it is good as it will help you to stay safe from any loss of database or a security breach.


You may have noticed varying hosting packages in different price categories. Though it might look obvious to choose the cheapest package, one must consider the features offered in each package. A standard hosting service should provide enough webspace to host multiple domains with all the basic features like web statistics report, updated PHP, email and web mail services and 99.9% server uptime. It is not required for you to buy an expensive package but it should cover all your needs.


A company with a good reputation is also known for customer satisfaction. Before choosing a web hosting company,  check it’s testimonials, client reviews and make a good research on the web to know what people are saying about the company. These feedbacks are very helpful to verify the reputation of a company.

So after reading all these points, we are sure you get a solid understanding of what web hosting is and what you should consider before buying a package. For any web development company, it’s necessary to make a bond with a trusted and secure web hosting company that covers all the mentioned features.

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