Daga Label is luxury menswear with global appeal. Starting from the Ghaziabad to becoming one of the most recognized brands in dynamic haute couture market with a sole motive of promoting Indian crafts and swadesi products all around the globe. The reason behind their success: strong family values, strict business ethics, and a strong belief that the customer is the king. Daga label aims to be a one-stop-shop for luxury menswear with global appeal.


  • Branding
  • Graphics Design
  • Social Media Management


The initial stage in the branding identity process of Daga Label was to thoroughly understand the brief from the client. In keeping with the Daga Label brand personality, the client wanted the brand strategy to feel authentic and unique in a way that made the customers feel special in the field of couture market. In our work for this project, our team sought ways to expand the brand’s visual imagery. The next step in the creative process was to build a brand strategy board, which included mentioning the prudent scope of the placement of logo and labels. After further intensive study of the brand personality of Daga Label, we came up with 30 to 35 iterations of the logo. Once the logo was finalized and approved, we created mocks of the logo on the brand products and items. Our team designed the packages, buttons and wallpapers. The designed brand items had a common idea: to give the customer a sense of might and luxurious potency. Face masks were also created for the brand.