The word “CHHIPA” is derived from the Hindi word “Chhapa”, which means Block or the device through which block printing is done. Thus, Chhipa is a community or a society of hand block printers, the printers that led to the origin of hand block printing. In fact, Chhipa is the oldest and the pioneer when it comes to hand block printing. All the products are hand block printed with vegetable and organic dyes on them.


  • E-Commerce
  • Maintenance
  • Web Design



Client was already having a shopify store and his customers were facing many difficulties in selection of a product, speed and many other glitches where there. So, he wanted to be on shopify with removal of all problems, which were there in his previous store. We on our side, delivered a product in upgraded 2.0 shopify os version with fast speed.


Plain White


Revered Black
Light Gray


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