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NO-CODE is a lie

By April 16, 2020No Comments

NO-CODE is a lie

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No code is making a buzz currently in the web and software development industry.  No-Code platform is believed by IT experts as a revolutionary invention that would make creating and running apps quickly and smoothly a reality.  But, what exactly is this platform? Initially, this state- of art technology was misunderstood as a threat for coders or developers and it was assumed that every layman with some sense of software technology can prepare his apps, or software application concerning his specific needs. Yes, No code is a reality and would serve as a treat for those who always wished to hold the art of building an application without investing years in learning those confusing codes and traditional computer programming. Moreover, if you are already a developer then this intelligent platform will work as a catalyst and help you complete your complicated projects just flawlessly.

The secret behind underneath this technology is that it is a tool which would enable citizen and skilled coders and developers with extra scope to their app, building creativity without worrying about those complicated heaps of codes or other technical glitches which at times come over while preparing high-end software apps, or application.  Software development companies are welcoming this platform as it comes with a bundle of benefits.

How does this intelligent platform work?

No-code development platforms are backed with drag-and-drop tools for businesses to develop customized software efficiently, quickly and that too with no coding. The platforms include WYSIWYG editors combined with drag-and-drop components to smoothly design software applications. Both developers and non-developers can benefit from these tools to practice smart application development with tailored workflows, and specific functionality.

Most of the No code products are aimed toward businesses needing digitalized software with the support of cloud-based mobile applications. No code products are backed with templates for workflow, geographical interface, and configuration so that one can build smart functioning applications without the use of traditional programming and complicated codes. Earlier WordPress and Drupal were leading the market as website builders but currently other players like Weebly, Wix, Webflow, and Squarespaces are drawing lots of attention with their No Code products. These players allow the developers to create website or software applications with simple plug and play model on drag and drop interface just like experienced in Photoshop. With such platforms even if you are not well versed with technicalities of web development like API or not holding any specialized degree in web service development then too you can use their functionalities for designing your own creative website by coupling Google sheet with Sheetlike service or other modules. The whole idea behind this facility was to help create software applications keeping the codes behind.

The future

Software companies believe that the future of coding is No coding. It is a smart platform to speed up the workforce of software developers or web companies involved in web development and mobile applications. With the endless possibilities of No-Code, these companies can now ensure innovative solutions for the business process according to customer needs. It fills the gap between the IT departments and the best solution for addressing specific business demands.

Pros of No Code:

It is highly user friendly and economic to use. Comes with simple drag and drop interface to create apps, or workflow quickly.No coding required in most of the application or development. It comes with visual development and pre-built modules turning the whole softer or website building process very simple.


Lacks of end-to-end development. Not suitable for high- end complicated apps. Keeps away the developers from all of the power and flexibility they look forward to while working on their own website.


The best part of No- code is that it keeps away the tension of Shadow IT by working within the limits of IT grievance and authorization. One needs to get the no-code sanctioned for IT to offer a regulated flowchart with full control from the beginning. Further, it solves the problems automatically faced by Citizen Developers while creating their apps. The good news for Skilled Developers is that this No- code platform gives them the flexibility for developing critical applications efficiently, effectively and economically. Of course, another advantage being its low maintenance.

For creating apps. with no code, one needs to understand the objective behind building the app. Next, be clear on the features and functionalities required to create the best. No code is a blend of the power of innovation, individual creativity and technology. Overall the conclusion is that No code platform is a win-win for non-coders and coders. The No code movement gives the freedom to your creativity of building apps or websites without letting the technicalities of software development to come your way and blog the development or creation. Though it comes with the limitation to cater to large organization needs where there is no scope for readymade tools but a great option for start-ups who have a plethora of ideas and low investment when it comes to software development.

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