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A Colour is a very first thing which catches the eyes of customers and helps them to recognise the brand.

“The psychology of colour as it relates to persuasion is one of the most interesting and most controversial aspects of marketing.”

Consider a green colour of Coca-Cola can, a black apple and yellow arches – which brand comes to your mind? In every instance, colour is the most remarkable way to identify and to recognise the name of the brand.

Successful businesses and comprehensive brand strategy must understand the importance of colour.

Colour has accepted as an efficient and brand strategic component to build up the brand identity and experience. Choose a colour which represents your brand, personality and for this you have to think far beyond your personal, subjective preferences.

What happen if Coca-Cola Company has used a different trademark colour for its brand? Will its success story differ?

Well, according to psychology, the red colour used by Coca-Cola Color Company is the excellent colour for the medicine turned soft drink Company to use. Also, red colour symbolises energy and generates excitement.

The red colour also resembles power which was the motto of the Coca-Cola Company and make their customers keep refresh while drinking a caffeinated drink. That’s why they keep the pure red colour for their simple strategy.

The market of art lies in Web Design

From a long time, the Web designers and brand managers are using the psychology of colour in their workflow. And, start relating their work with the colour which helps them to get different perception and experiences of customers about their product or brand.

From a marketing standpoint, the website is considered as a stable platform where the large portion of people can share their certain emotions and thoughts. Add a customization option for every individual and allows them to choose their colour; this will show how brand marketing and colour are correlated to each other like a fish in a pond.

In 2011, the Academy of Marketing Science had generated an empirical story on topic “Exciting Red and Competent Blue- the importance of colour in marketing”.

Two famous researchers Labrecque and Milne collected the data which statistically clarified some of the relevant facts about excellent psychology.

White, yellow and pink recognised as profound and pure colour:

According to the research of Labrecque and Milne- the humans relate their sincerity with these three colours. The White colour associated with the peace, clarity and purity. And, in a case of yellow, the feeling of openness is same which combines with the happiness and optimism. Pink colour shows emotions like softness and sincerity and also, tied up with nurturing and warmth.

Red, orange and yellow reflect energy and excitement:

According to colour psychology- there are some links between the colour red and excitement. Activity, stimulation, energy- all these three feelings make your heart run faster; it’s just an emotional effect which people feel when they see the red colour.

All the colours which have excellent wavelength hues like red, orange and deep yellow help in generating emotions of energy, extraversion and excitement.

If you want to make yourself more energetic, than the red colour is perfect for you. Orange works for middle ground. And, white colour is considered as the least active. Yellow colour also brings an explosion of energy.

Brown and Blue colour show proficiency

Blue is the perfect shade if your main aim is to earn client trust and mastery. The brown colour is considered to show two similar relaying emotions like reliability and seriousness. And, the combination of both blue and brown colour is a punch of honesty and professional vibes.

Strength and ruggedness show saturation

The quantity of pigment in colour is saturation, and measured on two scales:

  1. Low saturation (which appears washed out)
  2. High saturation (which seems to have vivid colour)

Researched shows if the colour is more saturated it will reflect the feelings of dominance. Ruggedness and strength. Labrecque and Milne also found that the consumers attract or choose the low saturation logos and products, as wash-out colours reflect more softness and lack of ruggedness.

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