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Google My business

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Google My business

Online business is all about content and SEO. However, just having good and thoughtful content and SEO is not enough. The customers must get the relevant information about your business or product, reviews, posts, photos, contact details, and others in google search before they get onto your website. Here Google My Business plays a crucial role. GMB works by indexing your relevant content for reliability and evenness across google search and maps. GMB owns the credit of offering a rapid and user-friendly platform for products, brands, organizations, artists, and businesses to maintain their online presence with google. Let us understand what is in it that makes Google My Business a preferred choice by digital marketers when it comes to play with content for promoting your business and to create an exceptional online presence.

Why Google My Business?

Being done our homework on content helps us earn good views and clicks but with GMB, we can go far beyond to stand out against our competitors. Today every business is trying all the possible tricks to get into Google’s local 3 pack as it shows your business before organic results and also on Google maps resulting in extraordinary visibility. GMB makes your way easy and fast to enter into this special club of 3 packs. Regular post on Google My Business listing acts as indicators for google that the business is a trusted one and can be displayed for local searches. Regular posting every week flaunts the latest in your business at the right time exactly when the potential customers are searching for it online.

GMB in content strategy

GMB serves as an online business directory where any user can find business information for several companies. Digital marketers strongly believe that GMB works as a superb tool for advertising, marketing, improving SEO ranking, and reach. Therefore, all the content related to our business must be accurate and complete as our targeted audience is first exposed to our content only.

Magic of accurate and complete Content

Now that we have learned the importance of GMB we should ensure that there is no compromise on the information shared on GMB listing which includes telephone number, business hours, address, products/services, business overview, links to a website, social accounts and another related source of information. However, it looks simple but is of high importance for any business. One can do experiments with the content on GMB listing understanding the intent of the viewer. Such as having direct sales pitch by offering discounts or special offers or get into some online engagement activity like contest or quiz.

Earn Customers Trust

Online customers make a confident purchase for brands, which are most trusted, pop out in local search of Google and hold a backup of good customer reviews on Google My Business. As a business owner, we must try our best to get our business listing is optimized, placed in the actual location, and has timely call-to-action so that there is no miss on in-store visits or phone calls from potential leads. Customer is King and so one should always act promptly and give an empathetic response to all negative reviews. One positive review can earn 10 new customers but an unattended negative review can lose the trust of 100 new customers.

Having engaging content

When customers come to your business location, they should have user-friendly navigation and a brief description of the experience ahead. To encourage the customer to come on your Google My Business page it is advisable to have inviting videos, photos, or attractive creatives related to your events, new products, offers, or services. There are a few things one needs to remember while posting on Google My Business. The content should be of high quality without any spelling error, gibberish, or gimmicky character for enhanced ranking and engagement outlook.

Power of Media-rich listing

Google My Business listing with photos and virtual tours proves to do wonders by creating amazing interest, enhanced on-site visits, and develops more trust among customers. By investing in Google certified 360 virtual tour professional you would be offering a 24-hour open house to any user browsing your business online. Online customers spend more time and show great interest in experiencing your business or property virtually instead of going through still pictures. The best part is you can instantly influence the customer which otherwise was difficult by just giving a description.

Have photos and answer queries

Your business, office, and a shop should be posted as your cover photo. Post your business milestones in the form of pictures as they speak more than the words on Google My Business listing and earn more clicks. Call-to-action is very important. The answer to queries should be very prompt and accurate as online customers quickly drop the interest if they are left unattended.

Contribution to SEO?

Google My business helps in many ways to boost SEO activity. A trusted, verified, and optimized Google My Business listing profile not only holds more chances to entering the local 3 pack but it also gets you at the top of search results and helps raise your website ranking. Google My business does use three important factors that is relevance, distance, and prominence, which determine Google ranking.

Managing content on Google My Business listing

Google My business is a free tool offered by Google with the motive to offer quick and correct information to searchers and so it keeps a high stake in the content posted here. One can opt for a content marketing platform to ensure right and influential content posted regularly and help you stay at the top of the search. Having a dedicated content marketing platform has several pros such as it gives structure and focuses on your marketing plan based on analytics, a systematic process to work on your target, and measures your outcomes from the best activities for future planning.


GMB gets your efforts seen, heard, and loved by your loyal customers and makes it easy for them to be connected with you. A verified listing is needed for a great internet presence of your business on google. One should invest in Google My Business listing as it acts as a portfolio for any business, which enhances the trust among the customers, and grow your business.

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