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Art of converting organic traffic into potential leads

By June 30, 2020May 27th, 2024No Comments

Art of converting organic traffic into potential leads

For every business, the thumb rule is to get a return on investment in the least possible time. There are many metrics to judge the success of any website. Traffic proves to be the lifeblood for any website. Most of us hold the misconception that earning huge organic traffic means, we have reached our goals, but that is not the real picture. No doubt, we can get several organic traffic adopting a plethora of tools but the game lies in how many of them prove potential leads leading to conversion and revenue generation. For conversion, we must treat the right target audience with seamless navigating experience clubbed with the right content and services they are looking for. One can adopt some smart ways to hit on these leads generated from the organic traffic.

Relevant and Intent Content – Content is the king when it comes to SEO and so it should be developed keeping in mind the intent and relevance of the customer/ visitor. Further, if you already own a website then you should concentrate on improvising the existing content as per the search of the visitors. There should be a framework for existing content to boost leads and execute call-to-action effectively. The content should be understandable and targeted. The content developers should identify the keywords according to the search queries that drive the visitors to the website. Once the keywords are segmented check if these keywords get the visitors to the related pages or not. Please don’t miss fixing the technical errors otherwise all the hard work would go waste.

Optimize Online Branding

Online branding is a great tool to create awareness about your brand. Optimizing and influencing branded search terms works great in grabbing the leads and good performance of webpages in SERPs. Brand Search terms well correlate with high search engine rankings and hold commercial intent. Visitors who search with branded terms are more likely to make a purchase, as they are already familiar with your organization. This can be done by incorporating brand name in meta titles, identifying the correct branded keywords, creating tools unique to your brand, or answering consumer questions.

Lead Nurturing

Anything that we nurture pays off in the end. The same goes for lead nurturing. It is a simple process of building a relationship with buyers at every stage of their buying journey. When the buyer feels that the company cares for them they get more motivated to be converted into paying customers. Some effective lead nurturing tactics are:

Targeted Content
Leads should always be nurtured with persona specific and relevant content based on their interest and objective rather than having a direct sales pitch. Appealing content and creatives for your targeted audience would help the sales team to close the deal, more rapidly. A call to action should be very easy. If you have new visitors, rather than pitching directly on selling your product you should have easy call-to-action with a balance between building trust and sharing information on the product.

Email Marketing and Segmentation
Email marketing is one of the effective and personalizes tactics to nurture the leads and get better results. One can use tools like Active Campaign and MailChimp for audience segment as they based on pages visited, form capture data, location, or cart abandonment. With these smart ways, we can hit the audience with accurate marketing messages that too at the right time.

Multiple touches and timely follow-ups
To enhance the interaction and engagement with the target audience makes sure to use multiple touches with a combination of content types and channels. Further timely follow up would always keep your brand on top of the mind.

Mobile friendly pages
Today mobile devices are widely used for online interaction. So one should ensure the mobile pages should be highly user -friendly.

Simple double opt-in

In email marketing double opt-in is mostly recommended as it helps in growing engaged email list. The best part is that you earn valid email addresses without bots and bad actors unlike Single opt-in and can enhance your sender deliverability and reputation. Moreover, with this option, you keep your email list clean and get more accurate subscriber data.

Push Content upgrades

Upgradation on content is always welcomed and looked upon. Organic traffic would move towards your upgraded content provided the communication for the same is highly effective when they share their email addresses. Once the user gets impressed with your updates you get the opportunity to further nurture and market them throughout their journey. One can easily create content upgrades by following ways:

Creating a checklist for your blog to make it easy to understand.
Enticing Blog introduction.

Video or audio recording of an interview, webinar, or information relevant to blog posts would be a bonus to the viewers.

Quick Start guide
All the visitors are not tech savvy so, a quick start guide would help them in a great way to start.


Organic leads are very important in numbers but the quality is what ultimately matters. Leads need to nurtured and optimized to convert them into revenue-generating buyers. Make sure not to miss on visitors who have already been to your website. Keep an eye on irrelevant traffic and keep upgrading the content as per the intent of the customers.

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