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UI/UX Design & Development Company India

Our adhering team of classified designers and researchers greet your needs professionally as we add you to our diverse family. We let our astonishing and appealing UI dictate your brand story to your audience in order to generate maximum engagement and conversion. We are persistent in our drive to grip beyond just the visual aspect of the design and focus on the intricacies to deliver a harmonizing experience.

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People Ignore Design That Ignores People

Zuplic have worked with some of the top performing brands within a diverse group of industry. While serving our global clientele, we have developed an experience in fabricating interfaces for the world of tomorrow. Our proficiency in the realm and our sync with latest technology updates, design trends and knowledge leads us to create conversion driven pixel perfect designs. User interactions on your digital presence is the ultimate key to generate potential revenue opportunities. A user friendly design with an intuitive approach for solutions helps to keep the audience in their natural element and discards hindrance, hence, unconsciously increasing the brand’s reliability and trust amongst visitors. A building website/app dependability keeps the visitings in loop which serves as overall retention and makes for a growing brand.

When we initiate your designs we make sure that the visual assets come from one of the rooted core values of your brand. This helps us in making your ui design authentic, singular and sleek which, in turn, provides your users with a clean, modern and an inviting platform. Visuals are settled in a way that it contributes to the user accessibility and integrates to make complete user journeys amiable.

Superintendent by our creative flair and technical expertise, our representation of the website is like a well-rehearsed poetry in motion. Our wireframe makes the depiction of necessary visual elements easy while providing an elementary access to all the key features and functionalities of the platform that a user intends to use. Our UI/UX states brilliant solutions based on your business module that transforms your ideas, concepts and vision into fully functioning and thriving designs. As much as we poise sophistication and elegance in our designs, we front it within our technical aspects too. As we work around the intricacies of your brand’s originality, we also consider every possible move a potential customer might make on your platform.

Breakdown of our process to provide you with Industry-Grade UI/UX Design Services


Design elements that build on your core values to present more than what meets the eyes help you truly create a brand. An exponential growth in customer experience and two-way communication is the foremost magnification design can provide to enhance your product. It is accomplished by drawing different elements together like curious color combinations, graphics and other visual elements to signify a brand’s story and legacy. Not only does this begin to ingrain trust and loyalty within the consumers but it also extends a brand’s approach and ultimately, its echo.

Strategy & Research

A product’s research & research refers to the complex and in-depth study of its clientele, past touch points and several other data. It equally refers to the study of the industry competitors, the overall market behaviour and traditional analytics. Our strategies are backed up by real-world statistics that hold great merit within the numbers. We strategize our designs by handpicking ideas and concepts that have a proven reputation to be useful in the business. We serve a dense client base on average days which makes us luminary to dignify a certain level of accord when we sketch your rich story, a narrative that holds potential to speak volume on a global level.


One can hold on to a gratifying stack of design and inspiring ideas but without an experienced reinforcement to implement those proposals, those masterpieces can easily evaporate into the fastly evolving interactive manufacturing industry. The binding segment of these engaging designs to fluorescence into fruition is wireframing. Wireframing denotes a deep technical prowess that results from practical understanding of user behaviour and a rich industry experience. We house prominent designers that undertake substantial charge to produce your brand’s core wireframing that promises to make user journey smooth and engaging. Our designers customize a library of components based on your brand’s concerns and purposes that radiate an unfiltered portrayal of your core values.


Time is money but real-time user data is wealth. Our mockups of your products are calibrated to gain access to developing user data on your brand. What began as a project directed by stats and analytics is put into action to gain optimal insights. To demonstrate this cycle we create mockups for you to experience the product yourself. A constant loop of honest feedback and suggestions help the product to protrude. These minor and intricate tweaks help in establishing a harmonious flow and achieving the goals more efficiently.

Visual Entities

Visual design sits prominently in creating an euphonious user experience and brand image just as the thread of your wireframe. The calibre of the layout and ease of momentum is decided as the implementation of color and nature of visual elements is initiated. The wire frames are then provided with graphics and all the visual elements that constitute a brand entity on their own. These essentials are brainstormed and rise from reasonable backgrounds. Typography, typeface, color combination, icon designs and several other components are intricately chosen.

Realtime Testing

Before we finally present you your dream project, we make sure that the product is working efficiently from surface to its core. We design several in-house tests and examine the interface before validating it as a green light for real-time users. From here, we initiate our end user testings to gain fruitful awareness of the product’s performance in its original marketplace. Realtime reviews and suggestions are generated as we inspect the overall design, structure, accessibility, flow and user satisfaction.

Interface Development

As all the characteristics to denote your brand are pronounced and put into action, the UI Development phase aims to enhance them and give them a sharp edge within their distinctive purposes. Possible amending of all the components in relation to their wireframe whereabouts is conducted. Design onboarding to represent the first impressions of the product to users is initiated and the proficiency of backend functionality is thoroughly investigated. It is made sure that all the UI elements are compatible and in a consonance with the overall UI layout of your product.

UX/UI Services for iOS and Android Platforms

In order to maximise the success of your apps, the foundation of UX/UI interactions is a crucial aspect. It hints that your brand understands the needs of your market which makes your app interactive and engaging. Our experience and expertise prevails in providing your brand with these amenities.

iOS based UI/UX Designs

Building on the artistic compatibility of iOS we create hassle-free, aesthetic and minimal UI components to perfection. Our renowned designers make sure that you flaunt a contemporary, artsy and a smooth experience for your users.

Android based UI/UX Designs

Articulating on the open-source complexion of the platform, we keenly customize your brand and market needs into striking and immaculate designs. Our designers compliment your brand by being up-to-date with the modern trends and latest features to make your brand experience a claim to fame.

UX/UI Services for Web Application Designs

Website is a brand’s most unfiltered interaction with its users. We make designs that backup your messages to your community. Our stylish designs are fretted with smooth and useful features that make up for increased conversion.

Custom Web Applications based Designs

Stand out as you take business to the masses with our customized designs for all your web application based goals. We fabricate a responsive website based on your market needs to amplify user-engagement and impactful communication.

Landing Page Design

Based on your brand’s history and latest market practice, we design eye-catching landing pages that promise to interact with the users efficiently and withhold their attention. Our landing pages are designed to drive your overall conversion rates.

Why Us for UI/UX Design Solutions?

Zuplic adds to the growth of over 300+ businesses in the global market, daily. We house reputable professionals within each realm of services we offer. Our team of unique individuals complement our drive to serve you as a team of specialists. We are dedicated to provide you with logical and creative solutions for your UI/UX design related queries. Apart from our experienced team and dense roots within the industry, we believe in transparency. This involves providing answers to your every question and involving you in the creative and artistic process that goes behind your project. We also flair that we stay open to the working hours preferred by you to ensure effortless communication and efficiency.

UI & UX Design & Development FAQ’s

Is UI and UX different?

Yes. User Interface (UI) deals with the elements that users interact with. Simple examples like sliders, icons and checkboxes. Whereas, User Experience (UX) revolves around the overall flow and ease of use on the user’s end. Hence, user experience.

Will you take responsibility to register my app successfully in the app store?

Yes, we take full responsibility in getting your app verified for the app store. However, if you wish to undertake the task by yourself, you can do it that way as well.

What if I don’t like the final product?

We have a strict transparency policy. We understand that these services are appreciated on a subjective basis despite the technicalities involved. To ensure that both you and us are on the same page, we encourage our designers to keep you in the loop of the creative process. Because we serve companies from all over the globe, we are happy to work on your projects during your specified hours in the day.

What analytical data do you study before determining the best suitable interface for my product?

We study a plethora of evidence and research materials to justify the practice that fits you. For example, we analyse eye-tracking heatmaps along with click-tracking heatmaps, we study the UI tagging component, a deliberate research to segregate the converted users through the on-boarding process is initiated. These are few examples of analytical and statistical analysis that goes behind making your product efficient.

What do you charge for building an interactive website for my ecommerce business?

We are well versed with the idiosyncrasies that go around building a flourishing identity for an e-commerce business. To know about the complete pack of services that you need, click on “start a project” and our representative will get back to you with a quote.

Will I get a bundle discount when I wish to create a Web Presence and Mobile Apps with you?

Creating multiple assets of a brand comes with its perk on the designing end. To appreciate the harmony we offer discounts on the bundled services of Web Presence along with iOS and Android apps. We also provide noteworthy off on designing mobile applications for your brand. Just click on Get a Quote on top of this page and drop a message. Our designated representatives will connect with you shortly.

Can you customize my WordPress website?

Yes we can customize your WordPress blog pages or websites. Simply leave us a message by clicking Get a Quote on top of this page.

I have a question that isn’t mentioned here.

These are a few common questions that we encounter on a daily basis. We are more than happy to answer your queries directly. You can ask us any question by simply clicking on Get a Quote on top of this page.






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