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Zuplic is a creative digital agency with a spirit to convert businesses to brands. We believe that SEO is a way that can increase your revenues as well as increase your web presence by killing your competitors.

SEO Training Jaipur

Why us for SEO Training in Jaipur?

Easy and Invaluable SEO Knowledge
Our training sessions are informal but informative; they are a mix of teaching, individual and group activities and Q&A sessions.
Smooth Sailing
Attain a better understanding of how search engine algorithms work organically. Learn vital SEO knowledge which you can apply on your own sites and campaigns.
In-House Experts
Our SEO courses are not taught by hired trainers but by company professionals who have been working in the industry from almost 5 years now.
seo training jaipur

Benefits of Learning SEO

  • Learn SEO and know what holds back your website from ranking in search engines with better search results.
  • Plan a successful SEO strategy even before the designing of website to save most of your time and money.
  • Open your own SEO training firm and be your own boss. Make Handsome income and help other website owners by driving traffic to their websites.
  • Earn a good position among professional SEO companies quickly. SEO professionals having less than 2 years of experience are having high salary packages.

What they’ve said about us

Great Guys, with immense SEO knowledge. Would highly recommend them as a SEO training company, you won't find any better!

Shreya Jain

Cunning Knowledge Bank. There ethics, tips and techniques are quite interesting and easy to grasp! Would recommend them to all

Manoj Thacker

I'm wondering what I was doing earlier. Karan sir has an immense amount of knowledge and the way he expresses is too good.

Tanmay Bansode

SEO Training Camps

Taught by a real SEO instructor. Ask questions and learn fast!  Organized weekly (Mon – Fri)

1. Keyword Research

This class shows you how to find the best and relevant keywords for the business. After this class, you will be easily able to analyze your competition. Learn the best keyword research tools in the market which would help you to better understand the competition and make you to do SEO competitor analysis process properly.

  • SEO Proficiency: All levels
  • Create a great list of keywords for your website/business
  • Learn how to identify your primary SEO competitors respective of filters
  • Find opportunities to rank higher in search results
  • Know about keyword analysis tools

2. SEO Site Audits

Conducting a site audit is critical for everyone doing SEO. It is very important to understand how search engines view your site. What do and what not to, in order to rank your website is essential. Learning which issues could be impacting your website leading to fall in search rank position is unknowingly important. Learn how to find and eliminate SEO penalties.

  • SEO Proficiency Level: All levels
  • Learn how to conduct a comprehensive site audit
  • Search Updates in pasts
  • See professional tools used to analyze websites
  • Understand the common factors that impact site performance

3. On-Page SEO

Are my pages optimized in respect to SEO? Why should I optimize homepage first? Answer of these questions and more in this easy to understand class. Learn and prioritize all on-page techniques followed by best marketing professionals who use to get their site on page one.

  • SEO Proficiency: All levels
  • Discover how search engines work
  • On-page SEO techniques
  • Learn the most common factors that affect page rank
  • See how to prioritize page optimization work

4. Link Building

What is link building or backlinks? Why links are essential to rank the site up? Backlinks are one of the most important signals you can send to search engines. Sign up for this SEO course and learn essential off-page optimization strategies, tools, and tips.

  • SEO Proficiency: All levels
  • Learn why link-building is still important
  • See a step-by-step process for building backlinks
  • Types of SEO in context of link-building
  • Find out how to align backlinks with your site content

5. Reporting on SEO

Discover the best SEO reporting tools and performance benchmarks. This module of the course is great for both in-house marketers and agencies. Get SEO reporting templates for Google Analytics. Start reporting SEO like a pro.

  • SEO Proficiency Level: All Levels
  • Learn the tools used by professionals to report on SEO
  • Get a template report you can use with your projects
  • Discover the most common reporting mistakes people make




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