In Between Words is a book written by Jasneet Kaur and published by Picasso Prints, Delhi. It is a novel which paints a picture brimming with angst, teenage love and dealing with emotions and self love. The client came to us for designing the inner pages of the kindle edition of the e-book and book cover for printing. The layouts, fonts, icons and illustrations for this 200-page-book were done to enhance the spirit of the written text. The colour palette, which consisted of warm tones, used for the design of the book cover was carefully chosen to go hand-in-hand with the story line and the subject of the book.


  • Graphic Design
  • Lay-outing

Graphic Design

Keeping with the theme of In between Words, the client wanted the lay-outing to feel authentic and sentimental in a way that made the readers feel exactly what the author tried to communicate. The book cover was designed by our team to catch the youthful trope of the book.