AEPL, a non-starter that ever was, with a mundane name and a diminutive size was to embark on a fascinating journey building vast customer relationships, courting some striking vendor companies and discovering some of the most remarkable human resource talent ever.

From Servo Stabilisers, CVT, Electric Typewriters and Floppy Drive PCs to the current Voice Servers, Cloud Services and AV integration, we have dealt with them all and are excited to await what the future holds for us.


  • Content Based
  • Hosting
  • Web Design

Content Based


The client required something where all its services can easily be visible to user whether it is classified by brand or by Industry. Digital heptagon designed a responsive website with a user friendly dashboard. More than 1000 technological products were displayed in different layouts in order to avoid monotonicity.


Plain White


Dark Purple


Revered Black
Sky Blue